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  1. What about flashing from b888? Does it work?
  2. Ubiquitoustastic

    Huawei Honor ICS U8860

    I think they will get it out for when vodafones exclusive expirers in a couple of months. My guess this phone will be become very popular then too.
  3. I find the battery cover makes a sound.
  4. Ubiquitoustastic

    Market issues

    Barclay's pingit app doesn't work on routed phones either.
  5. What class SD card are you using? I have had no issue but for decent HD playback you need class 4.
  6. This is the first update I have done from the vodafone rom. Everything feels much smoother and faster. Speaker fixed, touch buttons better, the stock android keyboard even feels more responsive and the screen is too. The browser feels smoother too. I think this phone can only be improved by ics going forward.
  7. Ubiquitoustastic

    Intermittent blob appearing inside the screen

    My button lights do not come on in light environments. If it is dark they do. It may be a battery saving feature?
  8. Ubiquitoustastic

    ICS - unofficial and official

    Huawei have only said second half of this year/summer. I think end of July but that is a wild guess.
  9. Ubiquitoustastic

    Battery Drain

    Android system for me is 4%. Standby is 53%.
  10. Ubiquitoustastic

    I have one! Got questions? Fire away!

    The USB is standard usbmini 2.0
  11. Ubiquitoustastic

    I have one! Got questions? Fire away!

    The USB is standard usbmini 2.0
  12. Ubiquitoustastic

    Huawei Ascend G300 unlock

  13. Ubiquitoustastic

    Removing preinstalled apps

    Would vodafone music store etc really stop ota update?
  14. Ubiquitoustastic

    Huawei Ascend G300 unlock

    Actually Apple still sell the 3gs at £320. That features a 480x320 3.5inch screen, 3mp camera, a 600mhz cortex A8. In comparison the u8815 must be worth 450 :P

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