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  1. I don't think its possible for bugs to appear if you are removing just apps that you have added anyway. But anyway its your rom, your choice. The advantages are small, like I explained above.
  2. I have always thought there's little point trimming system apps unless you are planning to fit the rom on a smaller system partition. It may be a possibility to trim things down to a 160mb system, which leaves you a bit more space to install user apps without any a2sd solution and a small benefit when using int2ext,(probably a few extra apps) but then, there's not much point as a rom creator unless you also start to mention to people they need to download a different tpt to reap the benefit. If you don't change tpt, there's no point at all. Then you also have to think about the way int2ext works when you use it. Any apps that are on the system partition rather than the data partition aren't partly moved to the SD card, so they run faster. For me the bane of this phone was having to use a a2sd solution, but needing the apps I essentially use to be fast and stay on the internal memory. For example, if you install a custom launcher/keyboard it will run slower if its on the data partition because dalvik cache and appdata is moved to the SD card, so you either have to free up space on the system partition and convert them to system applications, or suffer the performance loss. From the perspective of someone installing this rom that doesn't want the apps included on system, I just deleted the ones I didn't want with titanium backup and then converted apps I did want to system apps using titanium backup. A lot easier for most users than deleting files from a zip on a pc. If you want to delete all the custom apps from the zip of the rom, why not do so and upload it? I'm sure typhus_ won't mind being asked if its okay for you to share it.
  3. I don't think its suppose to work, due to the out of date armv6 cpu. You could try the workaround here, but a quick search shows a few people trying and failing to get it to work on armv6 devices.
  4. Use an alternate method of flashing a TPT. you can do it in fastboot and also via gingerbread rom system update as mentioned. If all else fails you can always go back to stock using the ZTE flash tool.
  5. Ahh it all makes sense now. I'm surprised the ZTE recovery tool didn't sort it out for you though. It must have seen your device as p736e rather than v or something. Anyway glad its sorted now :D
  6. You need to make sure you are using a TPT for the correct phone. If you use a TPT for p736e it shouldn't work. Test the combination with p736v TPT. If that doesn't work. Inside a gingerbread rom (if you ever get there) you can use system update to flash that image.bin in the image folder of your sd card. Alternatively, from recovery like ftm or cwm use adb to reboot into the bootloader to access fastboot and then install the image. when in ftm/recovery with the phone connected to your pc, use adb. Command: adb reboot bootloader then when the phone loads up stuck on the android logo and connected to your pc, it should be in fastboot mode. then use command: fastboot flash image <path to image.bin file>
  7. You may want to ignore my previous post, I think I found your problem. You have the same phone as me. This is your problem, installing a p736e TPT on a p736v device. Try installing a p736v TPT instead. For test purposes I would go with Piratedroid, Androlim or Fish n Chips. Again with the rom make sure you are using the p736v version and not any only for the p736e. Slimbean should be okay fitting on a 200mb. I wouldn't try P736EV1.0.0B1 by Sebastian404, although its suppose to detect your model and install correctly, it was built on a p736e rom and since you have flashed a p736e tpt already I'm not sure it will work correctly.
  8. If you are getting stuck on start-up, you need to make sure the rom you are installing occupies less space than your current system partition. You control the size of the system partition by using a TPT (as you already linked above). If the rom takes more than 200mb of space when installed, you will need a TPT installed with a system larger than 200mb. When you tried installing the TPT's, when holding the volume up and home buttons and then pressing and releasing power, do you see a green progress line across the screen? If not, there is something you are doing wrong and the tpt isn't installing. If you are still having problems I suspect its because you installed a p736e rom on a p736v device. Make sure to download and install a rom that is listed to work for p736v and then see if you still get stuck on android screen. Please let us know what rom you have been trying to install as it makes it easier to help then.
  9. Its strange the stock system tpt is 200mb for you since the stock as far as I knew was always 220mb. However I don't remember that far back now so can't say what mine was for sure :P I own a p736v..maybe the p736e stock TPT is different. Looks like Typhus_ may have slimmed the rom down to fit on 200mb then if you are running it fine. And yes, the Gingerbread o/c kernel works.
  10. Maybe the new releases are smaller, but when I tested a while back total size was over 200. See http://www.modaco.com/index.php?/topic/366017-[ROM]-[CUSTOM]-PirateDroidV2-(P736E-and-P736V)-**INT2EXTV2+-RUNNING-->-1GB-INTERNAL-MEMORY**#entry2191461
  11. You'll have to check with typhus but last time I checked this Rom needed 220mb on system. That would explain missing apps. Android or cwm recovery doesn't really deal well with any missing space, it doesn't warn you or anything. Instead you end up with missing apps, or down the line things not working.
  12. Sounds like you don't have enough space on your system partition. Download and install an app like Disk Info and see how much space total you have on System. I suspect you may have only 200mb when this rom requires 220mb.
  13. If anyone has any problems with Windows 8 and their crescent. Just follow these instructions (driver provided and instructions are the same as Blade 3). Not sure if it will work with Windows 8.1. Tested on 8 x64.
  14. Welcome to the club. I think most things will be compatible and I did "accidentally"have a blade 1 rom on my osf2 once, but there will certainly be problems doing that permanently. You could see if Cwm recovery-advance restore gives an option to restore apps without touching rom. But anyway, Google remembers the apps you have previously installed in the market so you can re download and and install them in the my apps section. As for messages I think you need to backup the system module that holds them, I can't remember what it's called, but I do know when I tried restoring them between rom versions it didn't work, so most likely unless the system message app and storage method are the same you will also be unable to restore them. Programs should be fine since the cpu is almost the same. Some are sensitive though and I've had apps and data that hasn't restored properly using titanium backup before so nothing's guaranteed. Be aware also some apps differ between android versions, so if you try to restore onto the wrong platform it will freeze. All in all I just found it's easier to wave goodbye to my data each flash and install from fresh using the my apps section in the market. Everything else either didn't work or was to much hassle.
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