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  1. Exactly the same here. B07 didn't show any error when setting red LED notification. B05 does. However, it is possible that also WhatsApp got updated and new version has this bug. Either way, it is not annoying at all, just ignore the error.
  2. You tillaz did an awesome job here, even if you were just "waiting for the Nexus 4".... You latest build is absolutely stable, I haven't even bothered in testing CM9 so far. Cheers mate! I only have to report one bug, which I am not too sure who's is from, app or ROM. When I try to set up the LED colours that I want WhatsApp to blink (for notifications), the app let me chose among a lot of colours (red, blue, white, green, etc...), however when I set it to red the app complains about that with this device only white and green are available. However, if I leave red selected, even it complains, it works nicely in red. Not annoying at all, but I thought I would just you let know that. Thanks!
  3. OK, fair enough but.... having done that, there must be a way to reconfig the OTA "feed" update or something like that? It is just annoying to see the always-on notification about an OTA update that I don't actually need...
  4. Hi! I was still running B07 and I did a wipe/factory reset to switch to B05, the latest. I backed up all my stuff using Titanium Backup and after restoring everything looks fantastic except that I am getting a notification about an OTA Update to B08, which is actually a previous version that the one I am running. I guess some setup was messed up due to the use of TitaniumBackup. Any guess how I can get rid of the OTA notification and actually receive only the meaningful OTAs? Cheers!
  5. Current issues metioned in the 2n post say that "3rd party cameras might not work. Instagram does not work". Is instagram not working AT ALL or just the option of taking a picture using the application itself? Are you still able to open an already taken picture with Instagram and upload it? Cheers and thanks a million for this ROM.
  6. Silly question: I am on Infusion B07, what is the best (or the one that works) backup app I should use in order to restore my apps and configurations after flashing this ROM? Thanks!
  7. Quick question... I am on B07 and a few days ago the OTA update showed up but I was too busy to deal with updates so I ignore it. Now I wanted to try it, but the automatic update fails in downloading the new ROM. Is there anyway I can update through OTA, or for whatever reason I have to do it manually? Thanks Tillaz for all the hard work!!
  8. Hey, I managed to install Swype as well! I think yesterday their servers were down or something like that, because I tried it today and no problem. Greaat!
  9. I flashed this ROM yesterday with no problem. Great work tillaz! Regarding the SD storage issue, I am not too sure in which side I am. All the applications I installed where stored in the internal memory and only three of them (Instagram, RunKeeper and Angry Words) were possible to move to SD after the installation. The only thing that annoys me is that I couldn't manage to install Swype Beta. The installation process gets frozen and never finishes... I wonder if the problem is from Swype or tillaz ROM. Anyone managed to install Swype? Cheers!
  10. If I am not mistaken, you should be able to update using the official procedure even if you are rooted (and rooted will stay, as this is only an update). I don't know about the cwm though.
  11. uhm... so if I want to stay with the official 885, how do I uninstall the Vodafone apps once rooted? How can I identify the ones that are not really required?
  12. Love that one. +1 :) I have to say that it took me about 30 min to open the back cover the first time. I didn't even know how was it suppose to be opened.
  13. You can flash any of the ROMs that fixes the speaker problem, B886 for example, following the instructions detailed here http://www.modaco.com/topic/353860-help-im-new-and-i-cant-do/
  14. I updated mine through GiffGaff this morning at 10AM with no problem.
  15. I've just updated my rooted G300 which was still with the original Vodafone ROM, and I can confirm as well that the sound issue is fixed and that once it is updated, the phone is still rooted. I thought I'd have to rooted it again, but apparently not. Any explanations to that?
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