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  1. Just take the battery out for few min and then try to restart or connect to phone. If nothing works, your phone might be dead and u need to contact service. Happened to me too and I did thid only, but damn, again it gone to same condition, so just thrown off
  2. Hey, can anyone provide me the gapps link as the one in OP is not found .......... thanks in advance.
  3. Right now at atomic rom. What could be the right steps to upgrade steps to JB or ICS.
  4. cool. heard about such security issues in modaco with some advanced user and i posted one page in general section, that modaco is changing to malware executable sites with proof. so this might be one example and proof from users itself. packing and unpacking softwares with scripts has become easy now a days, which let the hackers to get more advantage from end user. btw, who can handle virus files, and block security issues, can take advantage from this tool. hope the tool works fine as expected.
  5. so here am. i just didn't try maky-loop-rom as the tutorial was not as much clear as expected for some user. i hope the feature will be updated in this tool to go ahead to have full advantage of our blade. thanks u so much for such a work.
  6. I know , I know, Requesting a port of Jolla Salifish OS in this thread is not correct. But i hope that Ambitious Devs would have a look at this, Jolla Salifish OS: Any information on the OS can be found here: http://jolla.com Hands on with the OS: Link to xda-forum and reviews http://forum.xda-developers.com/showthread.php?t=2006158 It's really very unique and yes multitasking supported.
  7. CM10 R2 might be updated with few bug fix, but introduced new bugs like Notification and status bar freezes within 10 minutes, which forces me to use power widget to enable wifi,bluetooth etc. i dont see notifications. some reboot issues, phone touch response s not good when compared to CM10 R1 Hope to see new update with less bugs..
  8. http://www.stopbadware.org/clearinghouse/search/?url=http://modaco.com/ just now i was stopped by google , saying tat its attacking site, mean malware uploading site and i found the above link at stopbadware.org hope, admin of this site will clear this issue ......
  9. This type of error can be avoided, by downloading again via PC, or else remove some files from SD card if it contains many folders or else rename the rom package to small name.
  10. Whenever I take a pic, at the time of saving, it becomes greenish, but original color color of image is retained when I preview the image. Auto focus is not so good in CM10 than CM9. However touch response is very very very smooth. I have just updated from CM9 with wipe cache and fix permi, in cwm.
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