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  1. To decrease the 'blinking' of screen light, follow: Setup -> CyanogenMod -> Display -> Automatic light (I don't know the english option, it's the first on the list) -> Click on the first item to activate the filter and reduce the changing of light value
  2. my two cents: I come from a perfect CM7.2, when I've installed this CM7.3 everything goes very laggy (same swap, same ext3, same general configurations). Try to go to LiquidParts -> A2sd - > click Format Ext and reboot....now for me it's all super ok! The swap is working (20%) and I've 60Mb free..and the phone is super reactive!
  3. Installed v1.2 this morning, with minfreq 245, max 921 and smartassv2 governor; my sd has 1gb ext3 and 256 swap; script V6 supercharger configured as 'balanced' (the first option). It seems that all sensors are ok, camera works (I don't tried yet any video). This rom seems very fast and stable, thank you boy!! (I came from LN1.9.2, installed on october 2011 and never touched. Maybe this ROM seems faster because it's fresh, I don't know!)
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