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    help :'(

    I gave away my G300... I flashed CyanogenMod on it (http://getcm.thebronasium.com/?device=u8815&type=) which fits the device perfectly. You might try that. Since you wiped all data anyway... Nothing to lose!
  2. omegamoon

    [HELP ]Phone Wont Startup

    I took my G300/U8815 phone out of the drawer a few days ago. Battery was empty, as it had been in the drawer for months. The phone didn't charge at all, and I thought it was broken. But... I remembered back from the days that I was messing with custom kernels for this phone that it works without a battery! So, please try to remove the battery, connect a usb adapter and plug it in mains (duh!). This should make the device boot if it is not broken. Once booted you can just put the battery back in and it starts charging (at least mine did). If your ROM is all messed up you could also use this trick to reflash the device, pressing and holding volume-up plus power button. I hope this helps :-)
  3. Only thing to add is hat genokolar told me that the code in his repository is updated with his latest changes. So if he did something to fix the 'wifi bug', it's in there.
  4. I'll ask him if he made any specific changes to fix the wifi crash. He was very helpful before, so let's see what that brings
  5. omegamoon

    MK808, general info + RK30xx kernel sources...

    Not much interest in these USB TV sticks over here at Modaco it seems. Too bad :( For all those that are interested, I put up a MK808/RK30xx repository on github with a kernel that builds. Don't know if it works, since the MK808 is still somewhere between China and Europe.
  6. omegamoon

    Ordered mine last Friday (28th)

    Mine must be in the same container I guess, because I just got an email it is shipped as well :)
  7. omegamoon

    Saw the desktop .. once

    Could you try to retrieve the kernel config? (adb pull /proc/config.gz > cat config.gz | gunzip > defconfig-mk808)
  8. omegamoon

    MK808, general info + RK30xx kernel sources...

    No reply from any of the manufacturers, but the good news is that I found reference to a rk30xx tablet here. It's the bq Edison tablet and the kernel source can be found here. Now I only need to wait for my MK808 to arrive to see if that's enough to build a custom kernel :)
  9. I'm upgrading the drivers now, and some of the ones used in the v3.0.31 seem to be older than the ones in v3.0.21 :unsure:
  10. No, I'm not very comfortable with linux patching, so I didn't follow that path. The update from the Huawei v3.0.8 to (aurora) v3.0.21 was so much work because I did a manual file-by-file compare/patch :blink: Probably not the most efficient way of doing it, but it works. It also shows all the adjustments Huawei made to the kernel, which I carefully tried to incorporate in the v3.0.21 as well. Knowing this I expect the jump to v3.0.31 will be much easier. Do you have a working v3.0.31 by the way? or did you, like me, messed up some stuff as well :unsure:
  11. Here's a quick update. I finished the upgrade to version 3.0.21 and hey, in general it seems okay. Of course I messed up some stuff, but it's not bad for starters. Now lets see what 3.0.31 has to offer ;)
  12. omegamoon

    MK808, general info + RK30xx kernel sources...

    In relation to the Rockchip RK30xx kernel sources I found 1 (and only one!) reference to kernel sources on the Net. The dutch company qware sells the QW TB-9718D tablet. Like the MK808 this tablet has a RK30xx CPU, according to this license document found on the Qware website: I have sent them a request to provide the RK30xx kernel sources. They have released the Allwinner A10 kernel sources before, so I hope they take the GNU GPL license seriously by providing the RK30xx source as well. I contacted a few Chinese manufacturers as well, but the chances of success in China are very low I think. To join forces, anyone of you interested in kernel sources, please sent Qware an email as well. I've sent following request to [email protected]:
  13. omegamoon

    Saw the desktop .. once

    Seems to be a known issue. I ordered my MK808 at geekbuying. In the device specs over there it says: "DC 5V 2A (NOW ONLY GEEKBUYING CHANGE THE CHARGER TO 2A, OTHER SELLER STILL OFFER THE 1A CHARGER WHICH WILL CAUSE PROBLEM WHEN USE THIS MK808)"
  14. Just came back from holidays :) The thing I'm working on now is upgrading from version 3.0.8 to 3.0.21. Although this may look like a small upgrade, believe me, it is not. I'm trying to isolate all the Huawei changes, with the sole purpose of easier upgrading to newer kernels later. I've made many, many changes already, and it's far too easy to mess up things (I probably did already on several points). But... in the end I hope it boots, and I will see the effect of for instance the memory optimizations, speed enhancements, driver upgrades etc. I'm now in the process of upgrading all the drivers, a lot of which have Huawei specific changes (bluetooth, wifi, USB, video, camera). So, one step at a time. Let's see how this works out. Bare with me in the meantime ;)
  15. I ordered a MK808 last week from geekbuying. Here are some interesting things I found on the Net: Rooting the MK808, see here Firmware upgrade, see here Same device(?), this time called "Primal GV-20", see here Same device(?), this time called "Kimdecent Droid Stick T10", see here and here Unpacking the MK808 image, see here It seems no kernel sources are available yet. I couldn't find any kernel sources for whatever RK3066 device. Some work has to be done here. I asked geekbuying for the name of the manufacturer, since I couldn't find any info on the whereabouts of the device. If I know the origin of the device a request for the source code can be made. It tried to get the kernel config from the stock kernel, but that didn't work (yet) Would be fun to hack this device :)

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