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  1. It's not time to pecking as roosters! Anyone who can make something really useful should do it, nothing else. Sorry for the reprimand, but we have no energies to waste... Anyway, thanks to anybody anyone who is committed.
  2. I'm not sure I've understood your question, but I've flashed AzurMetal ROM and then Breeze_for_AzurMetalS.zip: I want to remove this last (breeze lockscreen and launcher). Thanks
  3. Is it possible to uninstall breeze lockscreen and launcher after having flashed Breeze_for_AzurMetalS.zip? Thank you!
  4. Can I flash TechnoLover's Kernel Edition 1.5 over this ROM? Thank you
  5. A while ago I said the same thing of Samsung for the same reason (no more sw upgrades on a model). I bet someone has to say the same thing on LG, Motorola, HTC, Sony and so on.. at this rate no one will stay out! Sadly, we always end up playing their game (buy relatively quickly another phone) :( As usual, thank to all.
  6. Hy friends, we must try to unlock this situation in some way, before giving up! Perhaps, to encourage some skilled guys to carry this work on, we could open a subscription and collect some money to support his/their work. If we are so many, with a contribution for each of us we can be present and make them feel sponsored. I'm aware that working hours and hours without achieving results can be frustrating, particularly when you feel left alone to fight! I hope all of you take this considerations in the right way: I only wish to make a further attempt before surrender, no intention to hurt anybody. Thanks to all!
  7. The only things we can do are: offer ourselves as developer/tester; find someone that can do the thing at the first point; make a donation; wait. Thanks to all!
  8. I have the same wi-fi issue: it disables after few seconds in which it finds no devices. Tested on various kernels, the latest is technolover 1.5, I think it is a Gingerounay issue. Anyhow, thanks very much Vache. Let's hope in Lens' work on CM9!
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