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  1. Perhaps he isnt using Switch - Xposed works for me too, using 4.3 GE and the GravityBox Xposed mod at the moment.
  2. I will try iOS7 on my iPad when its released. Have the best of both worlds then with GE on my One and iOS7 on the ipad.
  3. Great article James, almost makes me want to go back and try an iPhone again.
  4. Seems pretty stable to me. Battery life on 4.3 is better for me too.
  5. Is anybody else losing xposed mods after switching?
  6. My xposed is no longer working after switching to GE and back. Any ideas Paul? Edit - flashing the zip again gets it working but not sure if it will survive a switch again.
  7. Awesome Paul - installed without a hitch and have the Modaco Toolkit working too :D
  8. Ok just installed beta 7 via OTA (from 6). Have done a switch and setup my email accounts again (via googles default non gmail client and the HTC mail app). Can report that the email accounts now stick between switches :D Well done Paul ;) Edit: Just a thought, is it possible to get the google client shared onto the sense ROM? Have a slight issue with shortcuts for mail - have to make 2 but only 1 works from each rom.
  9. Will have to try scrabble as WWF is starting to annoy me recently.
  10. I hope they announce an improved N4 or an N5 = tempted to swap my S3 out ;)
  11. If you cant download again after today what about updates? Can they be downloaded free after installing?
  12. Available on the Nook site too with Free shipping - http://uk.nook.com/tablets/nook-simple-touch
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