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  1. Has anyone found that they need a specific version of CWM for working with B06? I'm asking as I was thinking of trying this one posted by Dazzozo: ClockworkMod Recovery v6.0.2.7 - Touch Hybrid. Thanks BTW Tillaz, apart from thanks again for this ROM and the work you did (are doing) I am still getting OTA notifications that never used to arrive until they started on 2nd Feb. Any ideas what I can do to stop them?
  2. Tillaz, Just wanted to say thanks very much for all your efforts. B07 installed absolutely fine for me, B926 first, then B05, 06 and now 07. I did format my Sandisk 16gb SD card (class 6 I think) for B06, and have never had any reason to install the patches you supplied. Also added B926 ril. Everything seems to be going fine here. Thanks again, you'll find a beer from me, sorry it's only the one, but there is a reason why I could only buy a budget phone..
  3. The very first post in the thread has the download link, in the section "YOU MUST READ THIS FIRST:" Iain
  4. Thanks for that, just wish I'd backed up my Nova preferences - we all learn I guess, just some at a slower pace than others :unsure:
  5. Well, I've just done what I'm always being accused of when I spend hours fiddling with phone or computer. I had a perfectly good installation of the latest Infusion (apart from a battery that doesn't seem to last as long as on GB) but decided I wanted to look at the stock Huawei launcher because I like being able to arrange apps the way I want them. I went ahead and installed the Huawei stock launcher and don't find it as good. Obviously I didn't back up anything before I changed the launcher, but I was hoping that someone could tell an idiot how to go back to the launcher that runs as standard with Infusion. Sorry to mess up your product Tillaz, won't do it again.
  6. Thanks for your help guys. I had started using the internal card before the external one, so I have now deleted the DCIM folder on the internal card. Perhaps using the internal one first may expain a lot of the other seemingly duplicated folders I have on the memory cards.
  7. Hi, I have been trying to find a way of ensuring photos/videos I take go into the DCIM folder on my extra SD card that I have fitted. At the moment it seems a bit random, with some going onto the original 2 gig card installed, and some going onto the 16 gig card that I fitted. I have trawled through the settings and can't seem to find one to help. I did wonder if it was anything to do with having USB debugging ticked, but unticking it doesn't seem to have made a difference. Thanks for any help Iain
  8. Just to highlight my ignorance here, how do you get to this battery graph? I'm running B888 on my phone and can't find a graphical display of battery use at all. I just have the standard bar chart under Settings, About Phone, Battery Use. Edited to add, I did just highlight my ignorance. Didn't realise that simply pressing the time on battery in the original screen would give you a graph. I wonder how much else I'm missing......... Iain
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