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  1. cm11 ? cm12??? any custom rom?
  2. any custom rom for blade vec 4g??? cm11 cm12??? thanks
  3. Hi there More details pls...android 4.4??? Multilanguages???? Links??
  4. hi there can someone to tell me it is possible to swap internal sd to external (micro sd card) all apps and data? i use android kitkat 4.4 thanks
  5. still keyboard not working...its say unfortunately keyboard aosp stopped !!! no movies working no album working
  6. i have install rom and gapps.....its working but always say unfortunately xperia keyboard has stopped !!!! fix it pls... its nice rom ΕΙΣΑΙ ΕΛΛΗΝΑΣ??
  7. hmmm...anyone trying this rom?? its say to me error..aborting installation... i use blade 3 and of course i have make format system , wipe etc
  8. i am trying to install rom but say e error...installation aborted sure i have make wipe all and format system 2 times help pls
  9. ok thanks but where is link for download rom? i can see only a phone at coolwater site..!!!!
  10. work ok at blade 3?? and link for rom pls? thanks
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