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  1. I'm sometimes unpleasant little freezes in the UI (and some apps), it's normal ? :| My overclocking is 200~940.
  2. C3CO, You can update this ROM with PA 2.99 sources please ? (and eventually the RDS Radio support as CM10.1 ^^) :D
  3. C3CO, Is it possible to improve the autofocus please because it works but laggy ? ^^
  4. There is a bug with Paranoid Setting, UI is moved upwardly after changing DPI (Tablet UI to Stock UI) and impossible to restore the default values (with superuser permissions or not) :s
  5. The framerate in camera is good but panorama is VERY laggy and graphic glitches
  6. C3C0. Is it possible to use official cameras libs from ZTE Skate for better quality pictures and flash in ICS/JB Roms ? (Like the Blade) ps : Sorry for my bad english :'(
  7. Not connection in the Google Play (error server) with news Gapps :s
  8. H3ROS, Is it possible to create a full theme ICS/JB for Android music player stock please ?
  9. GPS is not "working" with me (no location in Google Maps/Navigation and approximate location (50~70 km in Mappy GPS Free...), it's normal ? x)
  10. Can you add SRS Audio Effects to remplace DSP manager in the next release please ? (working with Android music player , Appolo, CyanogenMod 9 music and maybe other)
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