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  1. I tried installing several times any possible recovery images compatible with gen1. After several attempts, the following one entered recovery mode successully! recovery-RA-mooncake-gen1-v2.3.img After this, I installed CM 7.2.0 + Vamshi kernel and now the phone works fine! Thanks everyone for you help!!
  2. I can try to enter recovery mode by using VOL- instead, but recovery is not loaded. Instead, the phone gets stuck to andoird green logo and red light is turned on. I'm also trying the same way to enter fast boot by pressing VOL+ button instead, but the phone boots normally instead. Is there any difference that I have not noticed for entering fast boot? <div><br></div><div>If I can also ask, I have three options when I select 'reboot' from the custom rom. Is it 'boot loader' equals to 'fast boot'?</div>
  3. Hi all, I wanted to try another custom ROM today and I did a terrible mistake. I accidentally installed ROM manager and CWM from this application. I never imagined that this would cause me so much trouble. After this, I came across to the following issues: a) Cannot enter recovery: I tried to load other recoveries by using Recovery Manager without any success. I tried almost every recovery img available for moon cake in android.podtwo.com. No success there as well. B) Cannot enter fast boot mode: I turned off phone, removed batter for 5 seconds, hold down VOL+ and pressed POWER button for 2 seconds. Android logo appears and I keep holding VOL+. Red light disappears and phone boots normally. Can someone answer my questions below: a) Am I doing something wrong for loading fast boot mode? I tried MANY times without any success. B) Is it possible to fix recovery mode without fast boot and install properly recovery image? c) Is it possible that fast boot mode got broken?
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