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  1. No, I don't think so. The LG widget was on my phone since a couple of days without any problems. But probably when I disabled CM7 lockscreen it occured that error. I wiped everything and now the cm7 works!
  2. suddenly on my phone it appeared a "system error" and the phone screen was totally black. What's the origin of this error? Have I to reinstall the zip?
  3. Well, sorry for this. I surely didn't read your post about the widget! The funny thing is that I modified the framework when you did it already! :blink: Ok, mods can close this thread!
  4. If you like the LG weather widget I created a modified framework file to copy in our Liquid Metal. It works only for all roms like CM7. I tested it on cm 7.29 and cm7 remix. How to install the widget: download the framework.jar below and copy in your system/framework directory with a file manager. Change the permission to do that. Reboot the phone. It will take time to reboot (2-3 minutes about). Download the weather widget app and install it normally. More info and screenshot about this project on xda thread. Download: framework.jar weather widget app Credits to: devilex94 Thanx to davidevinavil for his cm7.29 from which I extracted the framework
  5. I like this cm7 remix. No problems for me with camera. Wipe for everything and format system before install this zip. The only problem is with GTalk and its bar: words and symbols are not completely visible.
  6. hi all, I wanna try this rom but when I tap the pin code it appears the message "incorrect pin" (obviously I tap the correct numbers)......how can I solve this? Is this a cm9 bug?
  7. Another question is about battery % for me...when the phone is completely charged the % only reaches 91..the same of cm7.24
  8. yes, it was something like this. And when I tap ok it comes the error..
  9. Yes it did. It appears the notification to install the apk..
  10. well, I tried to install the system.apk with root explorer but an error occured....The device asks me to install the apk but it's impossible to do it..I also tried to change the permiss but with no success
  11. hi acer, I downloaded and I installed this zip on a custom rom (azur metal) but a strange thing happened..the settings icon disappeared. I've reboot the mt 3 times but nothing..
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