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  1. Random fact - I want to use my PI in class to teach High School Physics ZTE Skate, with Skatie ROM Glen
  2. Hi all Thanks for the feedback. I made a post in the Main ZTE Skate board - I wonder if I should test other ROMs under the same conditions? Glen
  3. Hi all Being new to the Android and Rom scene I've just started dipping my toes into what I can do with my new device. By "do" I guess I mean, change, modify and "hack" in the broadest possible sense. I bought a Skate in the guise of an Orange MC about a month ago and almost instantly wanted to get rid of all the Orange "bloatware". So I looked for an alternative ROM and installed Skatie from the links in this forum. (as an aside - downloading and flashing the ROM was a breeze) Now, having opened Pandora's box so to speak I set out to discover if / how to overclock the 800MHz processor in the Skate. After much Internet searching I came to the conclusion that whilst utilities existed to alter the CPU speeds, governors and I/O schedulers, along with the SD Card cache size, there seemed to be no agreement over which settings produced the "Best" performance. As a high school teacher, I thought this would make an interesting project for my six form (17-19 years old) students. I've written this all up as a blog article here >> Statistically Overclocking an Android Phone but thought it would be good to start a discussion in the forums: Performance was measured with the APP "Quadrant" - and this in itself leads to discussions about the validity of such tests - do different APPs measure things differently and how do benchmark performance relate to subject user opinions over which feels quicker? But.... 1) Conclusions - the CPU speed is the most important (both the MIN and MAX) - not surprising this one 2) CPU Governor - lagfree and the I/O scheduler noop both were statistically significant (p=0.000) but the magnitude of the effect much less than for CPU speed 3) SD Card cache was not statistically significant, but 2024kb gave the "best" benchmark. The effects of these variables is summarised below: What I'd like to throw out there is three things: 1) I wonder how other ROMS fare up to Skatie using the same test protocol? 2) User perception is very important - has any work been done on measuring the actual perception of different settings? Hard I guess and you'd need an install base of similar handsets 3) The victim in all this "overclocking" can be battery life -- Is anyone aware of an APP that can stress the battery and time how long it takes to flatten. (There used to be a laptop program that did that - back in the day). Any other "evidence" of the effects of overclocking on handsets out there? Glen
  4. Hi Been using this ROM for about 3 weeks now and thought I'd see what I could do with overclocking the CPU. BUT, as a science teacher, I thought I'd see if I could use it in a lesson to teach "design of experiments". So, I set up a Taguchi experiment and played with settings -- check out the pdf of the report that my students helped me create. Using a designed experiment to overclock and Android Phone. I tested the CPU speeds (max / min), governors, i/o schedulers and the SD card cache. The chart below shows the Main Effects -- all except the SD Card Cache are statistically significant to p=0.000 Clearly CPU Speed, Lagfree and Noop offer the highest performance -- but I suspect the perception of performance might be equally important. I wrote the exercise up as a blog post here: Mr Gilchrist - Overclocking an Android Phone YMMV. Glen
  5. Noob Warning..... ;-) Having ditched my jailbroken iPhone, I opted for the reasonably priced ZTE Skate aka Monte Carlo on Orange PAYO - for the singular purpose of breaking things apart and installing new ROMS -- I was frustrated by the closed eco system of iPhone AND as a teacher, the almost cult-like status of all things Apple. (You'd almost think that all teachers have had a chip implanted that forces them to think that mobile apps must be iSomething). So, I buy the ZTE and start looking for ROMs and rooting advice. Firstly, I thought I'd root the device to remove some of the Orange bloatware. Following the advice here >>> Superboot I downloaded the drivers promptly killed the phone, with it refusing to get past the Orange splash screen. Panic Mode - I grab an install of ClockworkMod and manage to get the phone to boot into Recovery. Now I need a ROM - In the bag for ROMs where: AtomicMod, CyanogenMod 7 and SKatie. Having poked around various forums I opted for SKatie due to the apparent ease of installation and the community on this forum. I download the 1.1 zip and put it in the root of the SD card and boot into Recovery. After wiping the system and cache I flash the new ROM. It boots first time. I jump straight to the 2.4 upgrade from the Kitchen - again booting into Recovery and installing from SD Card. Fully functional phone, with a new ROM. Brilliant. Having tinkered a bit with over clocking, it is now running happily at 883MHz, lagfree and cfq. C3C0 - thanks for a great ROM, easy to follow instructions and a great introduction to the world of custom ROMs. Cheers MrGPG
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