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  1. I have a 3 UK HTC one x and I received the latest update this morning. I couldn't apply the update for some reason, so regressed it back to 1.26 then the 1.28 and then the latest one. I then flashed my nandroid backup which I took before updating. It is now boot looping and gets to the lock screen then reboots. I cannot reflash with the latest update as its now not on the phone.. is there a way of getting another nandroid backup to it or the ota.. I looked at adb but can't seem to get a connection as it doesn't list in devices.. as I was going to push some files across... have I missed something.. or any advice? thanks in advance
  2. you can get it for the HOX for £3 on ebay
  3. Going to stick it on my smart tv
  4. WTF man I have lost S-OFF, how the ... can that happen? Had it after unlocking and now no more.. I take it, its really hard to get back if you can get it back
  5. Trip the startup animation is mind blowing :D I had a quick look at it but didn't get it from here.. it was posted on another site but can't remember where just now. I used a cm_endeavoru-ota-eng.noeri-003.zip, don't know if its the current release. I had problems with wifi and mobile connections so couldn't really use it for long. I tried the movie app and took a video to put in the project through the app and it disappeared. Also the gallery crashed on me at least once. Anyway I didn't have a clue you was on here and only found it because I had the recovery problem and earsing the cache was the only thing I hadn't done.. so I've got Sense back on now till I find out whats going down with your port.. version bugs etc.
  6. That was the first thing I did ;) I been flashing things since you first could flash things... old school I am.. was just looking for Android specifics
  7. This is the first Android device I have had.. I followed the instructions and it worked a treat fir time no problems. I heard there is an OTA so I grabbed a copy of the One_X_1.28.401.9_odexed.zip. My question is can I just use CWM with this to reflash the stock 1.28 firmware. i.e. copy it to the phone and use the update with zip or do I have to use a different method? I would rather get a clear answer from here where the instructions are clear and work than another site that just expects you to know stuff or expect you to trawl through 4 years of posts to find an answer and don't have a tutorial section
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