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  1. Hi All, I've finally managed to root the phone. I had to go down the superoneclick meathod. I now have superuser icon. I think I now need to partition my memory card so I can use linktosd. I had a look at the guide but that lost me more than the rooting one. id there an easy way? Thanks for all the posts to try and get me sorted
  2. I know most of the instructions out there are reletively easy to follow but I think I really need a step by step idiots guide :wacko: p.s.thanks for the quick response
  3. Hi all, I know it's been a long time since I was last asking for help, but I never got chance to get it working. Here's were I am and I wondered if someone can tell me whre I'm going wrong. Copied su- to microSD card in phone Put phone into debugging mode Phone turned on Connect phone to computer Vache's Recoveri 2.2 click on link unzip file launch install recovery cmd meet requirements press enter (enter pressed) 'adb.exe' is not recognised as an internal or external command, operable program or batch file If you have seen an attached device with a number your requirements are ok, press enter If you have not seen any device close this window be sure debugginf is on on the phone and run again, if it is not enough, reinstall drivers press any key. Enter pressed 'abd.exe' is not recognised as an internal or external command, operable program or batch file Please wait while phone is rebooting in bootlandermode. When the phone is in BOOTLOADER mode press enter If you have device not found messafe close this windw check driver installation and be sure USB debugging is enables and run again. Never enters debugging mode :-( Nothing happens Please help I'm really frustrated with it as I want to install more than 2 apps
  4. Hi guido, if you could share it that would be much appreciated.
  5. I think I've found out why, something to do with .NET. I'll have to have another go tomorrow as wife wants me to watch stuff on tv :(
  6. Thanks guys. When I use acersync it always says fail. Maybe the computer (an acer) isn't recognising my phone. I'll try not to pull out battery :)
  7. Hi guido, thanks for replying. The thread was [2.3.6] acer official release 4.000.13.EMEA.GEN1 http://android.modaco.com/topic/348167-236-acer-official-release-400013emeagen1/ I have an acer liquid mt (S120) straight from the box with android gingerbread. It isn't rooted and doesn't have a custom rom. I've put on the file in the above thread onto my sd card, I downloaded acer sync as I don't have a driver on the computer. It says when syning that the phone isn't syncing but it si installing drivers. When I try the recovery file the cmd prompt comes up but nothing seems to happen. I once (don't know how) got it into bootloader mode, but nothing happened didn't matter how long or what I did so took the battery out. I must say I am very new to this and it's my first smartphone. Iove the phone just hate that I can only install 1-3 apps before memory is out, All I want is to be able to move all apps to sd. Thanks again in advance
  8. Hi Guy, I have the acer liquid metal and I'm really stuggling as the internal memory is not enough hardly anything can go on the sd card. I've tried something from another thread but I can't get it to work. I put the zip file on and tried loading via the 3 buttons but it told me signature not verified. WHen I tried vaches bit it never seems to do the bootleader 3 colours. Could anyone help. I'm a complete novice and really want to learn. An idiots guide would be much aprecied :-)
  9. HELP! Hi everyone, I'm brand new here and need assistance. I'm not great with tech but can usually follow instructions well :-) I've got the liquid MT and like most, get very annoyed with the lack of storage and moving to sd. I've tried the instructions but I must be doing something wrong. I've done stage 1 copied file to sd card stage 2, install vaches recoveri 2.2 doesn't seem to work. I downloaded and nothing happens. I continued with next stages incase it did work and I didn't realise stage 3, can manage that :-) stage 4, can get into recovery mode stage 5, selected file but says not signed, I think it's because stage 2 isn't working. Any advice would be greatly appreciated, in simple terms would probably be best. Thanks in advance
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