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  1. Dazzozo is absolutely amazing. KitKat is superb on my sisters G300 just like my MOTO G :D
  2. Did anyone try this on MOTO G with a 64gb sd card ^_^ ? Can the moto g acquire 64gb?
  3. No, they will not. Apple made their connection proprietary by switching the pins on the earphones. You can still use them to listen to music but the mic will not work. The standard 3.5mm headphones (no in-line controls on the cable) use the configuration of (from left to right) TRS- Tip, Ring, Sleeve. The pinout for these connections is: Left Audio, Right Audio, Ground. Connection types for headphones with a mic (and newer ones with volume control) are configured in TRRS- Tip, Ring, Ring, Sleeve. On TRRS there are 2 types- 1. The original TRRS configuration was created by Nokia and has a pinout of Left Audio, Right Audio, Mic, Ground. Apple came along and in typical elitist fashion changed their pinout to Left Audio, Right Audio, Ground, Mic. This is why many apple headsets will not work with android, because the last 2 connections, for Mic and Ground are switched. The issue is with the hardware. The way that songs are skipped (forwards, backwards, and pause) occurs by sending signals down the ground channel(when you tap the button it shoots an electrical signal that the phone will pick up and interpret). The way that volume is increased/decreased occurs by sending signals down the Mic channel. This is why- if you try a set of newer iPhone earbuds on the GSIII- as I have- the center button does nothing, but yet the volume up and volume down both pause tracks, and allow you to skip them!! Additionally, Apple has patents on their TRRS connection- in fact on the resistances (the actual ohm resistance in-line on the controls- not to get scientific or anything ) so that the headphones are designed to work only with Apple products. In other words- you could have a device with the same TRRS Pinout as apple products- but the headset wont work because the resistances (ohms) of the headphones send signals that your phone is not allowed to interpret into the correct actions (since apple patented these) Hope this clarifies things up a bit
  4. Its best to get the 16gb model as it has 12gb free
  5. I don't use Art because of the extra space it takes up, I would've used it if the Moto G had a Micro SD slot. Wouldve put in a 64gb if it was supported :)
  6. Using Xposed Framework I found a module which hides the annoying carrier text on the status bar for KitKat Xposed framework apkhttp://dl-count.xposed.info/modules/de.robv.android.xposed.installer_v25_36cbbc.apk Xposed Module: Moto X Hide Carrier for 4.4+ http://repo.xposed.info/module/com.penree.android.xposed.hidecarriermotox
  7. The Google Play edition Moto G like others eschews some software features in favor of an entirely Google-derived experience. Motorola arguably has the closest to stock implementation of Android right now, but if you want something even more of an expression of Google's vision, the Google Play edition Moto G probably makes sense. Pricing for the Moto G is what you'd expect – $179 for the 8GB version and $199 for the 16GB version. There's only one hardware version, essentially the UK GSM version with quad band GSM/EDGE and quad band single carrier HSPA+ on 850, 900, 1900, 2100 MHz. The handset will work on AT&T in the US and T-Mobile in markets that have WCDMA running on 1900 MHz (essentially markets that have T-Mobile LTE).
  8. Hi has anyone bought GTA Sa on moto g if so then how's the performance?
  9. Hi does GTA Sa run smooth on moto g
  10. This ROM is extraordinary , I feel like I'm experiencing a nexus 4 at the palm of my hand :D!¡!¡!¡.
  11. I recently sent [email protected] the message that you suggested and I have received this code from huawei CE457E5747706E03 I tried the official unlock bootloader steps and when i type in fastboot oem unlock CE457E5747706E03 My phone reboots and says unlock fail invalid key (AS SHOWN IN IMAGE - BAD QUALITY IMAGE SORRY) What do you think i should do?
  12. VEXA YOU ARE THE MAN, my music is so much louder and clearer. I can enjoy my music now <3 +1
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