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  1. Yea I flashed one after the other with out reboot... is this where my problem lies? Thanks.
  2. After installing fusion, I get an error when installing'No-frills CPU' ... Package file was not signed correctly. Uninstall the previous...... any ideas? cheers.
  3. So taking the above into consideration, app drawer?? and all that, how do I get the dialer?!?! Noob I know, but please explane, or at least point me in the direction of the info. Regards,
  4. Evening all, I installed this ROM then the 'green' add on. My trouble is I have no 'dialer' (no option to make a phone call!!). Is this a common problem? What's the solution? Regards.
  5. Is there any way to decrease the time it takes this phone to lock onto GPS. (not web assisted) simply to the GPS sats. No matter what ROM I try the lock time seems to take 4-5min at present. Any help would be great. Cheers.
  6. I was just trying to install the APK straight from my memory card. Should I be doing it some other way? Also would you have a link to the 'ALL BACKUP' that you got working. Many thanks for the help.
  7. I have both reinstalled the ROM and the APP. (Latest versions) With no luck. Is there another 'backup' APP that can use the 'All Backup' file? Seems like its going to be back to standard ISC. Different backup app. Then return to Infusion. That seems like going 'all round the world to cross the street'. Anyone?
  8. Recently instlled the Fusion ICS rom... Fantastic it is! However befor doing so I backed up the phone will Huawei 'All Backup'. Now I have Infusion I can't install the 'All Backup' apk. No matter what version I try. Any way to A ) install it? B ) use the same saved 'file' with another app. Any help would be appriciated.
  9. Bump for some help!!! I can't get it to install thus can't get at my contacts. Any help folks?!?! Cheers
  10. When I try to install the all back up .apk. It fails each time? Is there a solution as I backed up all my numbers and apps with this before I installed this new rom. I can see the back up on the SD but can't 'install' it. Cheers
  11. But there is a few 'unsupported devices' running it... is there not? What makes this 'app' so difficult to port to other handsets?
  12. I know its a long shot lads, but know that we have ICS does that make the chance of sky go, on the handset any greater?
  13. All sorted and running now. Thanks fellas. ICS makes some differance....
  14. Ah ok, so its this file????? http://goo.im/gapps/gapps-ics-20120429-signed.zip Installed by CWM? Also It just says no service?? Im on giffgaff. (I have rooted and unlocked the bootloader) If that has fook all to do with it? Cheers fella (s)
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