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  1. Got it to work on CM9 One X, but it gets stuck on Adding Card.
  2. I think generally all phones use the same NFC Chip.
  3. Still can't get it to show in apps. on a One X with CM9.
  4. I moved to /system/app, yet dosen't show up in my app list. Yes i rebooted.
  5. Because your work is a shining example of open source obviously. You open-source your kernel because you have to, the CM9 ROM on XDA is open-sourcing their entire ROM because they want to, and look how quick things are being fixed. I've switched to the XDA one, sure it has some pretty terrible bugs, but they are positive about their work, and always happy to hear input and peoples ideas/suggestions.
  6. Having terrible battery in 013, last around 10 hours whilst in sleep.
  7. I've noticed after a while the status icons up the top become grey instead of blue.
  8. Im still on 006, waiting for 008 that includes launcher settings and fixes the menu button..
  9. Did you fix /system/etc/permissions sO I don't have to copy it over myself?
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