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  1. Really seems like it, however Paul replied to me on Twitter like 2 times saying he isn't done with this and he will update it to 4.4 and sense 5.5, as to why he hasn't said anything in this thread, well I've no clue, if I don't see an update before 2014 I'm going to convert to a GPe edition anyway.
  2. Only booted on a fresh after i hard factory reset and installed it again.
  3. At least you can boot into either GPe or Sense... i can't boot into either, i can't mount my phone to install another rom either.
  4. Wiped, reflashed beta 12, stuck on HTC Quietly Brilliant.
  5. No solutions yet for SWITCH not switching between ROM's? i'm stuck in GPe. EDIT Found the updated SuperSU and installed it, but it's stuck on HTC Quietly Brilliant, first logo. EDIT 2 Reinstalled Beta 12, now phone is stuck on HTC One logo. EDIT 3 Seeing as there's no hope for me and it's 3AM and I need to wake up somehow in the morning I'm left with just one option left... hard factory reset and start again -_- EDIT 4 I can't even do that... it's bricked, it won't mount UGH F***
  6. I would assume that Paul will disable stock OTA updater in the next update.
  7. Beta 8 is very smooth Paul, no problems with anything any more.
  8. Is it just me who has to install super user after each update?
  9. I was going to recommend adding it to the power menu.
  10. Trying to download an icon pack, Tersus. Edit: Booted into sense, looked at /data/data/ and found kov.theme.tersus and deleted it and it installed!
  11. Managed to load that directory now, however it's so long i'd have to take 50 screenshots, i scanned through it for the app i'm trying to install but it's not there. As for your earlier question that's gone here are 2 recent logs 14:46: Package com.android.systemui shared user changed from android.uid.system to <nothing>; replacing with new 22/07/2013 14:46: com.android.systemui skipErased true
  12. Never had it installed, not even before i wiped to install MoDaCo Switch. Also i must have restarted my phone at least 10 times today.
  13. How is an app i never had installed conflicting data? also i don't seem to have /data/data/
  14. Yeah i'm getting error -24 as well since last night, it just started happening out of the blue on both Sense and GE, still getting it.
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