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  1. anybody got any views on the (OPPO) ONE PLUS ONE ,amazing specs ,good price, is it too good to be true???
  2. dakok i would like to try miui v5 by geno v3.5.31 but the updater script is wrong again, ive deleted all lines with 8818 in but it still wont install, do you know what else i have to change/delete to make it work. thanks for all your hard work past and present
  3. Dakok your download seems to install 130410 or is it me
  4. does anybody know how to get navigon sat nav working on this rom,google maps work fine,have never maqnaged to get it working with any Baidu rom.Thanks in advance
  5. Thankyou Dakok this Rom is the dogs bits for are g300.I've been using it since your first post very stable and more importently for Baidu very frugile with the memory!!! Yes its very oriental , but chinese phone equals chinese Rom perhaps. Please,please Tillaz could you look at this rom and do your magic to westernize it
  6. Thanks for quick reply,still on 30/11 Missed 4/12 was it better?
  7. nice work carrthee89 love this Rom!!! Not for the faint hearted though lol. Have you got a mirror for the latest ota update 121206 please? Very slow ota
  8. Have had blob for weeks,no amount of flexing,rubbing,warming or cursing has shifted it!!!!! Until today this worked for me ^_^ Hold your phone in one hand glass face down and tap the palm of your other hand sharply with either end of your phone. Sounds wacky but it works
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