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  1. Someone please reccomend me most lightweight and stable rom, Not for games, just for comfortable surfing, facebook and etc.
  2. Hello, I'm using this rom with ceastel's kernel. Which is best cpu governor for this rom and why i can't set my cpu clock to 1209 mhz? after setting and exiting it setts to 1008 mhz anyway :(
  3. Meerk4t

    [Q][REQUEST] Sailfish OS

    +1 Please port it for G510/Y300
  4. HBD! Can you include all previous updates in your rom?
  5. Anyone please upload this rom again. Link on first page has been removed.
  6. I set 300 mb. Hope it will improve perfomance. Thank you for help.
  7. Can't install Lunatic Pandora (first rom). After flashing message appears "No OS Installed"
  8. Hey all, I have one question which is the best governor for g510-0100?
  9. Meerk4t

    [G510/Y300] LeWa OS5 Official

    can't flash it using twrp
  10. Video recording doesn't work for me, when i try to capture video it says that gallery has stopped working.

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