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  1. spoon43

    Thoughts on moving to WP8

    I bought the HTC 8S a couple of days ago. a breath of fresh air. had previously been using android for just a year, first was the Huawei g300, great phone until the ICS update, don't know whether people are still waiting for fixes for that or if it's been sorted. gave up waiting so i tried the ZTE Blade III, that turned out as bad as the G300, constant browser crash. totally useless. decided to go the Windows phone route and will never look back at android, it does everything i need, quality build and stable, what all phones should be whatever platform.
  2. spoon43

    ZTE Blade 3 browser crash

    thanks for the suggestion, complete noob question but what's CM10? and where do i find it? thanks again
  3. spoon43

    ZTE Blade 3 browser crash

    bought the zte blade 3 only last week and the browser has crashed nearly everyday. not sure if it's faulty or the phone specs can't handle ICS. sometimes swipes and taps are unresponsive too. anyone else had or having the same problem? thanks for reading folks.
  4. spoon43

    We're giving away a RaspberryPi!

    got my entries in :D :D :D

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