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  1. JeepFreak

    YouTube preload Nexus 7

    So... -get a browser plugin for your desktop computer to rip the you tube video, -install an MTP app on your desktop too (good luck finding something decent/reliable on Linux BTW) -plug your N7 into your computer with a USB cable -transfer ripped YouTube video to N7 -download a .flv player/codec on your N7 -finally watch the stupid video VERSUS Open "settings" in YouTube app and check, "Preload Videos". RIIIIIIIIIGHT! MUCH EASIER! That must be why Google built the option into every other device!
  2. JeepFreak

    YouTube preload Nexus 7

    Oh please! Oh please! Oh please! Or just tell us what file you patched and maybe a general idea of what you did? I can't believe another update was released and it SPECIFICALLY ADDRESSED PRELOADING but didn't enable the option on Google's flagship tablet!! WTF!?! TIA Paul! Billy
  3. I don't have this phone yet, but I still wanted to drop by and thank you for your work here Trip! I really appreciate it! Billy

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