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  1. I have a problem that happens alot. When connecting my charger at low battery, the device restarts. I tried 3 chargers with the same result. V14
  2. Apollo has some errors. I am sure that ur problem is not with BT. Try any other music app from the market and you will be fine.
  3. Which music player do u use? I use PowerAmp with no problem. I usually delete CM9 music player from the Rom.zip before flashing.
  4. Here is what I did, 1. Super wiped 2. Flashed v12 boot.img 3. Flashed v12 Rom 4. First boot my phone 5. Flashed v14 boot.img 6. Flashed v14 Rom 7. Flashed Trip Gapps I am very heavy user and It works with no single issue for me. I don't use GPS so I can't tell you how it works. It is now my daily Rom.
  5. BT Audio is Working here perfect. I noticed also that my car BT connects very fast now with BT without unpair and pair again as in old versions. Audio with wired headphones automatically works once plugged in with no problem at all. Battery life is more than expected with the new version. I get 4-5 hours screen on time fron full charge to 2%. The only issue with the call hanging button sometimes needs to be pressed twice to end call but I can live with it. This Rom is now perfect with the built-in kernel. I also tried all other kernels but I noticed a huge battery drain comparing to this one. Thanks Trip.
  6. Thanks guys for your help I flashed v.14 over v.12 and everything is working as expected. Great Rom.
  7. Is there any way to make auto rotation work with v.14? I like the new version but I usually view pictures so auto rotation is important to me.
  8. Someone flashed it in the previous page and reported that auto rotation still working
  9. You deserve more Trip Confirmation number: 1TW48801BA499751A.
  10. Great update as usual. I like the new lock screen options so much butI can't use my device with no rotation so I restored back v.12 Is there any way to get the new lock screen option to v.12? I mean which file or apk should be flashed in recovery to get it? Once again Thanks Trip...Your progress with this Rom is Excellent.
  11. Sorry Triple post lol I pressed quote instead of edit lol Sorry again
  12. Thanks Trip very much Which Gapps should be flashed? Your Zip or the official one?
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