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  1. Change "Button hight" doesn't work for me. My last build was 29.1.2013 and there was everything ok.
  2. Is it possible to update from CFX to CFX2 without wiping data/factory reset?
  3. I deleted extras folder, bootanimation, CWMWallpapers, RomManager, Email, Calculator, GooManager, HoloSpiralWallpaper, SpeechRecorder and every ringtone, notification and alarm except the Cyan* ones. I also used mini-gapps and deleted Talk.
  4. I have partitioned with 160 MB sys (10 MB free) and 20 MB cache (to much?). I stripped down the rom to 90 MB and gapps to 9 MB. Everything works fine. S2E is working out of the store. What will happen with the apps on ext when I update to 28/06?
  5. Is it possible to "uninstall" the Airplanemodefix? Without it camera was ok, now I can take only one picture then freeze.
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