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  1. looks like this thread is dead :( in other news is there a patch to fix the bluetooth? (12/04 update)
  2. thank goodness you're still with us lalit was beginning to lose hope but its restored now! :D can't wait for the update :D :D
  3. Can someone please tell me what works and what doesn't in this rom because i'm contemplating switching from tilal's 4.2.1? thank you :) :)
  4. I just flashed this rom after installing tpt helper and skate v2a.zip and everything is fine except i can't find the play store app I reflashed the gapps but still same problem any help?
  5. After reversing back to the stock rom via tpt I can't flash the jb rom cfx2 apparently error with sys causing installation to abort help anyone? :mellow:
  6. From numerous readings i'm guessing tpt helper helps increase internal memory, could anyone please give a easy step by step guide as to how to do this? :)
  7. Is there going a update for this rom? and im aware of progress on cfx3 :D :D
  8. From anyone who's has tried cfx3 are there any problems too watch out for? :D :D
  9. thanks tilal great work, if i choose to wait for a more stable 4.1 rom is that ok or is it a lost cause? :D
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