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  1. 12. Separate contacts: select joined contact, select edit from menu, select separate from menu, confirm is the only way I can find too
  2. changelog says 'use classic webview' - it works really well but is this a temporary reversion or the only option for g300 etc. ?
  3. Then I think you have the problem I had: the updater and recovery both use sdcard0/cmupdater for the new version zip files, but this is the external SD card when the phone is booted and the internal when in CWM. The recovery thus can't find the file to flash and gives you the error you're seeing. I couldn't find any way to change where the updater saves its downloads so I gave up and reverted to using the internal SD as primary, and all the hassle that entailed. I can update with one click now though, so it was worth the time.
  4. Perhaps too late for your texts now, but have a look at SMS Backup + to keep them synchronised in future.
  5. Not entirely sure how but I've got the latest nightly to toggle wi-fi now, it was a guaranteed failure before which only reverting to the 25th would cure, changelog or no... What I did was remove all stored SSIDs, set values where missing in the advanced menu, then reboot. Since then it's been working correctly.
  6. @rhen: so you did, sorry about that, I completely missed it :-( If the change log is complete, and your experience seems to prove it, then it must be something local to me. I'll have to tinker more, perhaps as far as the dreaded full wipe. Thanks for the repost, I'll try to pay more attention in future!
  7. Still no working wi-fi toggle since the nightly of 25th, which also means moving out of range and back in means no wi-fi... I don't have the change log for the 26th but it looks like something was changed from then.
  8. On every nightly since the 26th I've been unable to toggle wi-fi off and back on, it just stays off. I've reverted to the 25th and I can toggle wi-fi again.
  9. I'm using external SD as primary (since that's how it's always been and I hate reinstalling stuff) but this means the CM updater downloads to a different directory to the one CWM uses when trying to update, and of course fails as above. If I copy the downloaded files from sdcard0/cmupdater to sdcard1/cmupdater then click to install it works just fine. So, is it possible to get the updater to write directly into the real internal 'sd card'? I couldn't see a target directory in any config file. Otherwise I think I'd have to revert back to using the internal as primary and all the pain that would involve.
  10. Interesting... Something I'm running must be nobbling it then. I'll have to have a purge and try to find the culprit/s. Thanks.
  11. I confess: I still play Candy Crush Saga... It's always struggled on the G300 - delayed response, no response, lots of 'Wait' presses to ANR popups, etc. but since switching to CM10.2 it's become mostly unplayable as it simply crashes out more often than not. Best results are immediately after a reboot but nothing is guaranteed. I've looked through the logcat output but I can't see anything obvious, but then I don't really know what I'm looking for... Anyone have any recipe to get it to run better?
  12. Anyone with a Cubot GT99 get the light sensor to work? Auto brightness does nothing, Z-DeviceTest shows a sensor but with unchanging values.
  13. As a bit of corroboration of the above this morning when I reached an EDGE-only area, with a strong signal and data connection working fine, I switched in and out of airplane mode and the phone was then unable to reconnect. There seem to be attempts to connect (according to NSI app) but it never stays connected. I'd like to see if there's any useful logging related to this, but without the device node/kernel support I'm stuck.
  14. Trying to get some logging for the 3G problem I'm finding catlog does nothing. Running logcat from CLI gives: Can't find any way to enable logging, nor anything in build.prop which might disable it. Kernel is 3.0.8-CM10-perf [email protected]#1 Mon Jul 29 20:16:24 CEST 2013 As far as I've observed I can maintain a 3G connection of decreasing speed as I drive out into the sticks in the morning - I start with H+ then drop through H, 3G, E, and G right until it picks up the office wifi. After that I can't get a data connection again until I get back to an HSDPA area on the drive home, the phone is seeing the signal but fails to establish a connection.
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