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  1. Am I the only one experiencing random reboots? Not by a certain interval. The phone can be on for a few hours and works fine, then it'll reboot 4 times within an hour. I'm currently logcat'ing but, like anything when you want to test it or show it, it won't reboot (of course). So I'll post a logcat whenever I have something relevant. I tried the aLogCat app during the night, but I didn't get anything out of it. It *did* hint, however, that Google Play Music had some errors, but I still experience random reboots after uninstalling the app. I recently upgraded from 006 to 012. I had a few random reboots with 006, so I made a full wipe and upgraded to 012. Same thing. I don't have a custom kernel, only the one supplied within the ROM .zip. However, I don't have the super duper latest firmware from HTC - the update with the 0.95 hboot. Could that be the issue? Cheers
  2. Hey guys. I was wondering, and this may be a general AOSP question, how to adjust the haptic feedback? I found that I actually like the HTC Sense level compared to the rather strong CM/AOSP one. Cheers
  3. Oh how I would *love* a Raspberry Pi!
  4. it's not working here. it's not like i can't get a GPS fix. It's more like the GPS module isn't activating. Icon doesn't blink in the statusbar at all
  5. Thanks. I was a bit reluctant to install that one. Will do that asap
  6. Another user pinging in with data issues. It took me 6 hours and almost half a battery to get a stable connection. Also, GPS isn't working for me, but is it related to the Sense framework and the switch thing? I hope we can solve this. All in all, a very nice ROM. This is what I've been missing :)
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