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  1. Thank you very much. However I think the problem maybe caused by a bad number port from Virgin Network. I can receive calls and texts from other three customers but not from other networks. My 12 month deal was up on three and I wanted the one plan on a rolling contract which they wouldn't do for £15 so I found a sales guy who would give me a new sim from three at £15pm on a rolling contract. I ported number out to Virgin and back to three to save £3pm! However Virgin failed to port it first time after three terminated then lost the number into cosmic ether second time, then reconnected it but couldnt allocate to my current virgin sim (as they cant port virgin to virgin!!!!!) and sent out new sim over weekend which got lost. This took a week without my number being contactable and now I have a shiny new three sim with my old number but whilst I can phone and text out I cant be contacted and to top it all off tethering is barred too and cant be lifted for 72 hours even though its the one plan. You couldn't make it up! How on earth do you speak to anyone at mobile companies that isnt reading from a script! I must have spent 10 hours on the phone talking to customer support agents this week.
  2. Can someone screen shot their access point name settings for the Three network please? I cannot receive normal texts and have been at this for last couple of hours and its doing my head in goto Settings >Wireless & Networks>More>Mobile Networks>Access point names and then select '3' and either screen shot or tell me what you have for each bit Many thanks
  3. hi tillaz, After a days heavy use I can see no problems except this one..... I use a golf gps app called golfshot which I have used over many android phones and all versions of fusionX on the Y300. It is mind numbingly slow when recording the score after each hole on B04. Maybe 7 seconds from pressing a button until anything happens.
  4. http://huawei-y300.t...ascend-y300-all edit; I must be going mad! I could have sworn your question said Y300 but clearly it says G510. Ignore my posting as its irrelevant!
  5. i take it this is just an orange update and not a xolo rom update you are all referring to.
  6. having used this a week the only problem that bugs me is occasionally when i get a message or an alert and I press the power button to make the screen active it reboots.
  7. seems smoother to me. camcorder works great. bluetooth still not working as you stated.
  8. thanks konstat. will test and come back to you
  9. After trying to root and not succeeding I decided to put on CWM as per your instructions. I then put on the latest CYANOGENMOD and my phone is rooted after this which I dont understand. Therefor I am not in a position to test your latest rootblade but I appreciate your efforts for the community.
  10. Tried the updated Rootblade3 and same problem as shown here. I am using Win7x64 with a virgin unlocked standard rom phone.
  11. seem to be having a problem with stage1 of the root and phone says "cannot copy files............" Any ideas?
  12. Here is my email from virginmobile to clarify how I got it at £67.98 delivered
  13. My G300 screen went funny last week. Tesco gave me full refund (£90) even though 7 months old. I bought a blade3 from virgin for £67 delivered and ordered an unlock code for £15 but unfortunately they said it takes 5-7 working days to arrive by post so bear this in mind for anyone considering buying this phone hoping to get it unlocked quickly. £82 for an unlocked phone with guarantee so not too bad. I know the G300 is £100 at amazon but I fancied something different as I always found the G300 sluggish once I went to ICS no matter which rom I used Hopefully the Blade3 will be slightly more responsive.
  14. Thanks WSO, Tillaz and landwomble. Guessed that was gonna be the fix for now. I am suprised that most peeps seem to wait to do their unlock code before trying your rom. I had the rom up within 30 mins of getting the phone and then waited 48 hours for an ebay unlock code so that is why this problem has arose.
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