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  1. I would but don't have one yet. Been waiting for source code.
  2. Thats great news. Konstat will you be looking to port Cyanogen to this by any chance?
  3. This is a great idea. I've just been keeping an after market spare within the same case as you guys both have. It fits in even with the back of the phone in there.
  4. Hi Guys Dropped in water and speaker and earpiece not working. Audio jack (3.5mm) still works. What do you guys think I should do? Should I try to repair it? I saw a thread that had replacement rear speakers. Not sure how to replace the ear piece. Should I just part it out on ebay or try to buy a broken one to replace with?
  5. Hi guys, bought a second skate for my wife (I have OMC). This was bought on ebay uk used as was a display model for corporate customers. Was all in box and not used. The rom that it said was on it was the 743 B01. I went to put skatie on it for her to have root and some other functionality. Installed by tpt as didint have time to put on CWM Anyways I put it on and she diidnt like the way it looked an it was a bit slow so we were going to put it back on. Downloaded the zte rom wiith the zte downloaded and installed and it still looks jsut like Skatie. I'm realy confused.. Could it be because I still had the sd card with with the tpt still in? I kind of doubt it as the zte stock rom was installed through ftm.. Any ideas or thoughts? Also I need a rom that is very stable and quick, yet has great power saving features and a fully customisable notification power widget.
  6. http://www.ebay.com/itm/battery-for-ZTE-Skate-V960-N960-U960s-V960-V961-Li3714T42P3h853448-/261070167935?pt=PDA_Accessories&hash=item3cc8fe9f7f#shId
  7. Quadrant 960 = 988 979 = 943 998 = 1005 1017= 1002, 1034, 1036 1036 = crash at quake stairs
  8. Hi all, I tried doing partition 3. I didn't get the green text. Do i need to just keep trying the image on different sd cards? how do I check that it actually worked? Where would i be able to see the partition sizes in a rom. I've just installed mokee 1.10 Many thanks EDIT: Nevermind did the menu vol + and power and it worked. Right after though my sd went corrupt. I thought that was quite odd. had to reformat and repartition.
  9. Hi, I assume adobe flash is working on this? it works on IA3+, they are both cyanogen mod 7.2 so should work correct? THanks C3C0
  10. I think you should give it a good week to declare any one rom the best. Let more people check in and vote :)
  11. Its a new phone. I just installed IA3. Its mostly browser, but can be camera 360, messages, notepad, nearly anything.
  12. Hi all, I'm running CWM 4 and Ice armor 3. I'm having an issue where a lot of my apps just crash. Its not just apps its also the browser. some times I cant even open it. I'll reboot my phone and it might work for a bit but it seems that its a bit unreliable at the moment. This was happenend on my old phone and is now also happening on my new phone as well. Any suggestions? Thanks
  13. Well I've installed Ice armor 3 now. I tried to restore... didn't work... Tried to install Ice armor 3 + (as i think this might have been what I had installed as IA3 seems a bit different to what I had installed.) and it stuck on green android screen. Went back and reinstalled IA3. So at least my unlock stuck and I can use my phone. Just thought it might be nice to be able to restore it. I might want to play with changing the formatting on the phone to help with installing apps. First I think I need to get a ext 2 sorted for link2sd. Been using it with out it. any suggestions? Thanks guys
  14. do i need to tpt orange stock rom? Or can i install a new rom from CWM? Cheers!
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