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  1. Rostilj xD

    [ROM] ZTE v987 Chinese Rom Collection

    I didn't see that. You're fast! That is yesterday build 3.10.11.
  2. Rostilj xD

    [ROM] ZTE v987 Chinese Rom Collection

    ZTE V987: gtbluesky (3.9.27) http://miuirom.xiaomi.com/rom/u67857581/3.9.27/miui_v987_gtbluesky_3.9.27_0a3745cbff_4.2.zip 绝恋。。,(3.10.11) http://miuirom.xiaomi.com/rom/u4046431/3.10.11/miui_v987_juelian_3.10.11_c70f1ee827_4.2.zip MIUI V5 http://en.miui.com/thread-2651-1-1.html
  3. Tomorrow. I can't flash any rom right now. :P
  4. Thanx Dakok! :D Downloading LG based rom..
  5. Rostilj xD

    [ROM] ZTE v987 Chinese Rom Collection

    Nice Dakok. Good roms for that phone. Guide is so simply. Thanx! :D
  6. Still down. :((( If you found something interesting post it here, Dakok. :D
  7. HAHahha. Everyone is interested. Nice Zte. :D
  8. Anzhi is still down. Is here any dev from there? Where are you posting your roms now?
  9. Yeah. Just stock Huawei without bloatware.
  10. http://www.4shared.com/rar/HwC5sBzi/ascend_g300_u8815android_236_v.html Here. It has 2 steps. This is unbranded GB rom for G300,
  11. I need more ram on ICS and JB roms. Anzihis CM7 is slow, but stock B894 rom is soo fast!
  12. We need CM7 not android 4.3. LOL ICS and JB doesn't work good on G300 so GB is best for this device. Personal opinion.

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