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  1. smethrony

    amazon.co.uk no longer selling HTC One V

    HTC is becoming more and more popular with youngsters. HTC has launched many smart phones in the market. It's One series is awesome. It is running successfully all over the world. It's mini version is One V its price is low compare to it and also include all features. I like this phone too much.
  2. I have read your problem it is very conman problem. Your information is very useful and meaningful thanks for sharing information and link here. HTC One V is very unique and advance android phone.
  3. smethrony

    [ROM] 30/7/12 CM9 ONE V BETA 2 [GSM]

    HTC has launched many smart phones. I like to use this phone too much because of it's wide screen and smooth touch. It is based on An Android Operating system. It's Clarity of music and camera is awesome. It is the mini version of HTC One XL.
  4. smethrony

    Looking for a full QWERTY android phone

    As you say here you want full qwerty keyboard android phone for your mother then the best phone is Nokia X2 or the phone of Blackberry. I think Nokia is very easy to operate so it will remain easy for her.
  5. smethrony

    sale perfect Sports & Action Camera

    I have read your post and also link shared by you here. It is the amazing offer you have shared. Thanks for sharing here this will be very helpful to all readers of this forums.
  6. smethrony

    Anyone getting this/excited for it?

    HTC is the most popular brand in young generation nowadays. HTC ChaCha is the best android phone. I had seen it's review, It is an awesome model with unique features and antique design. It will be very famous in market.
  7. smethrony

    HTC Desire BRICKED

    HTC is becoming more and more popular nowadays in young generation. It has launched many smart phones at a many range to compete with Nokia and Samsung. It has a valuable reputation in the market. It is not like that you don't have to worry. It's all phones are better.
  8. I have read all information related to HTC One V here shared by you here. HTC is very popular in youngsters. I am using HTC One V for last 3 months. This information is very useful to me. Thanks for sharing this information here.
  9. smethrony

    Increase Wifi scan rate

    WI-Fi scanning rate shows the speed of using internet service through WiFi. It is up to service of Internet data and which net service you use, Otherwise you have to check the settings of the Connectivity of WI-Fi. I hope you Will Solve your problem this way.
  10. smethrony

    Battery life

    Acer is the best company and it has launched many Smartphones to compete with the other brand of the mobile industry. It has given all features with the best quality in its all phones. It's phone battery life is more then 2 days.
  11. smethrony

    The ULTIMATE Liquid thread

    This is the best thread I had ever seen it contains many topics at one. I like this because people can easily get all information about their all problems here. Your information is very useful for me and all readers of this forum. Thanks for sharing here.
  12. smethrony

    HTC Desire (bits and bobs).

    HTC is becoming more and more popular with youngsters. It has launched many smart phones and they are running successfully in the market. HTC desire is the best Android phone with many advance features. I am using this phone for the last five months. Thanks for sharing related to its information here.
  13. smethrony

    Too much information.

    I have read all information shared with all of you here. HTC is very popular now in the market. HTC Desire is the best Android phone with all required features and best look. These all information increased my knowledge. Thanks for sharing this thread and all posts here.
  14. smethrony


    HTC is becoming more and more popular nowadays. It has launched many smart phones. HTC wildfire is the best Android phone at a reasonable price. If you want to download games on your phone then the best option is the Android store. Otherwise you can search on Google by typing your phone model name this way you can get many games and applications for your phone.
  15. smethrony

    Desire turning itself on?

    HTC is very reputed and reliable company. It has launched many smart hones. It gives better quality. Its all phones review are positive in the market. HTC Desire is the amazing phone. If you have this type of problem then you have to update your software and have to reset all settings. I hope you will solve your problem. If your problem will not be solved then you have to complain at company car.

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