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  1. Hi, where are the chat logs? Haven't come across any, didn't know they exist. Thanks.
  2. When you say let it finish updating for an hour, do you mean after the first boot, just leave the phone for an hour before installing anything? I didn't do that, most of the time the phone is fine but if you say it makes a difference, for the next update I might try it. Also, how do you format your phone before updating, in what order. I usually follow what is advised so again would be good to know exactly what you do to have no lag at all. Thanks.
  3. Thanks mate, will check it out tomorrow.
  4. Is there a way to backup the settings, homescreen apps, widgets and their positions etc before installing R2 as a clean wipe? I back up all the apps and contacts which are the main things using Wondershare Mobile. I use google sync for data or titanium backup. I am worried that restoring too much may interfere with the newly installed system and invalidate any benefits of fully wiping before installing R2 if that makes sense.
  5. For anybody who has the problem of app names being shown as the package name on the homescreen, i.e. com.google.youtube instead of Youtube.... Go to System Settings > Launcher > Homescreen > Tick then untick 'Hide icon labels' I haven't seen anybody else mention the problem, but thought I would mention it in case anybody does come across it. Tends to happen after a restart sometimes. Just a quick question too, is anybody having problems with playing videos? It is a lot less smoother when trying to play videos on Youtube mainly, so was not sure if mine was an isolated problem due to settings I may have. If it is, I'd like to find what I have set wrongly that could be causing it.
  6. Anybody else notice poor video performance when playing videos off Youtube/BBC iPlayer? Haven't tried other sources but noticed it is a lot less smooth as before on all the other ROMs I have tried. Initially I upgraded from 10 OTA, then did a clean install of 10.1 and still have the same issue. Nearly everything else is absolutely great, thank you very much for your hard work Dazzozo. The ROM is very customisable which is awesome :)
  7. Got my phone back today, they have fixed it and installed B952 on it. I had to re-root and unlock bootloader again, then reinstalled the latest CWM and Stock+ rom from Cyda. I advise you to call the number and get it fixed. Took a week from me sending it off to getting it back. They did not mention what the problem was, just that an engineer looked at it and found the fault and was able to fix it.
  8. I was following the vodafone forum on the problem and someone said they were just told to contact Huawei to get the problem fixed. They left the number to call so I called and have now sent off my phone to be fixed. They did not ask much about where you bought it from or when, they just wanted to know whether I had bought within the last 28 days, which I hadn't. They instructed me to send the phone to them in a jiffy bag, no sd, no battery or accessories. They gave me a reference number to note down and to send with the phone on a piece of paper. They also asked for the IMEI and serial number. Long story short.... here is the number to call: 0844 800 6800. I was told they should return it within 7-14 days, maybe sooner if it is a quick fix. May be worth mentioning any other issues you had to see if they can fix them too, I mentioned the low in-call volume issue where others can barely hear me.
  9. Ok, let me know if you get anywhere with them if you don't mind. Thanks.
  10. I assume your device is no longer recognised by your computer right? When you attempt to reflash the CWM, it sticks at waiting for device. Also, did this problem start the same for you as it did for me, I think mines started when I flashed the CWM that was linked on the new OTA update post, which allowed my update to be successful but upon reboot all these problems started.
  11. That's ok, thanks for the replies anyway
  12. Do you remember changing anything from the first time you tried the small update package? You mentioned earlier that the first time you tried it failed and then all of a sudden it worked the next time you tried it. It fails on step 2/2 for me.
  13. How exactly did you end up fixing it? I have tried many different ways with no luck as of yet.
  14. How do I reflash via fastboot? I have some old CWM folders with fastboot-windows files but it stays on waiting for phone message. As with the other post, when I press power and vol+/-, it takes me to the screen with the message about the incorrect signature. If I press power and volume + and -, it would take me to a pink screen. This was with different files in the dload folder, including the latest CWM, the R3 ICS that Daz released. However, using the middle package and the other update.app in that zip from Huawei would take me to update but fail on both occasions. Not sure if it would help but I think the problem was due to me using an old CWM Easy Installer to install the stock CWM somebody posted a link to on this page. I changed the .bat file to point to that .img file rather than the original .img it was meant to. Hope that makes sense. Also, after doing that I was able to reboot into the old recovery and install the latest OTA update released today successfully. But when I rebooted the signature error started.

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