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  1. I have flashed the latest build..so I guess I'll blame it on the cloudy weather here...
  2. mrmad

    Battery Stats

    anyone coming from the htc desire hd will be more than pleased with the battery performance. WIth HTC Desire HD I never hardly made it through the day, now with HTC One X I get between 1 and a hlaf to two days between recharging- I don't have too many synchronisation going on- that is gmail, g+ weather (only updating every 6 hours), google drive and dropbox...
  3. mrmad

    Kitchen time anytime soon?

    Wow, this sounds too good, meaning another giant leap forward in a fully cusomized HTC One X...can't wait!
  4. Thanks for releasing this, pretty good starter I'd say. Is it just me or is GPS not working? Would be nice if someone could confirm since I reviewd the ROMand I don't want to spread any false information on it. Some benchmarks:

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