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  1. no, as in not working or no, as in cant confirm?? :P nop it doesnt, grrrr :(
  2. i just noticed... can anyone confirm if BT audio Streaming is fixed?
  3. BT Music Streaming (playing music over BT) doesn't seem to be working, thats probably why the app is crashing, i do use the Google Music APK (dont know where i got it from tho) but it endlessly skips the songs if BT headset is plugged in... BT does pair and connect fine, just wont stream music .. im hoping Trip will fix this soon, its the most major thing thats preventing me using the ROM :(
  4. if u followed from 5th page yet u missed out that u can fix ur number one point :P
  5. im not using the ROM currently, because BT streaming aint working.. and ive never had any GPS issues ever... but i could be wrong.. battery always lasted about 9 to 11hours for me.. (with everything on), u may want to clear the battery statistics using CWM, do a full charge and let it run down, then see how it goes the next charge :) hey Trip will this have a fix for BT Streaming, any word on this? its really keeping me from using the ROM :(
  6. if u wipe u will lose all data, or u can simply flash the new boot and Rom over it.. can cause some problems tho.. back up all user apps using titanium backup and any txt messages program from app store
  7. looks good, try, erasing cache straight after u flash boot... but u most likely have a messed up download, re download the files :) EDIT: oh and u might wanna try wiping too ;)
  8. damn why is this restore not working :( seems there's a problem restoring a stock boot from a backup... anyway flashed it manually and now works :) @Trip please fix that BT streaming issues as soon as you can.. :D
  9. hmm will restore back and try another.. in any case, anyone know why im having trouble restoring my Stock HTC NandDroidbackups.. it plays the HTC sounds but its cuts off short and wont boot past the htc one logo... anyone please? ty read next post.. EDIT: nop, using ubermusic and still same effect.. it will simply skip endlessly if BT headset is connected :(
  10. v014 no BT streaming.. will try this method now, BT streaming is a major for me :/ EDIT: BT connects fine, even after pairing, camera works fine both pictures (did not try face detection) and video, rotation also works BT streaming however does not work :( :(, it plays fine if your playing asong and then connect BT headset, but when u change song, they all skip each other in a endless loop (if uve got repeat on lol), anyway, no go for me until this is fixed :( EDIT 2: Its a shame, i really cant stand sense, arghhhh @Trip please fix this BT issue :(
  11. hey Trip when can we expect this 3.x kernel? EDIT: also i cant seem to find my v012 download can any link me? got it :)
  12. can we not get these? or are they proprietary or something of the sort?
  13. indeed @Trip any ETA for 14? and BT issue fixed or not? :)
  14. WHAT about BT audio??? is it fixed in 014, tis a deal breaker for me... i cant take this Sense bulls*** anymore arghhhh... :( also will this new version run on kernel 3.0? if so whats the main benefits with 3.0, anyone??
  15. yep I noticed that too.. @Trip I don't think he uses github as THE changelog.. but in any case keep up the good work and please do give us v14 hopefully with BT audio working...
  16. so it seems :( im stock now so it all works... might go try Android Revolution, 'stock ROM' but with improvements.. well at least untill either Trips ROM becames more daily or Offical CM9 for HOX comes out..
  17. sorry to hear that, TKIP is an older encryption and newer devices often have problems with it, most divices tho support AES so is viable to just have AES. the PlayStation Vita for example is such device.. it keept disconnecting ect.. I'd say if you're willing to try, delete the access point from ur phone, reboot router then simply try re-adding etc.. if no luck then is most likely a bug in the rom or kernel..
  18. for those of you with router issues.. change your security settings to AES only, do not used TKIP or mixed mode (TKIP +AES).. try that and report back. :)
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