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  1. Well this was good until it lasted . BTW it was a good ride till the end Cheers.
  2. WOW . Is the community still kicking to this day ??? Good job for developers like you keeping this device alive ;) Unfourtunately i moved from my old Monte Carlo to a new device in 2013 . It was a good 2 Year use out of this fantastic phone (Despite his poor CPU) .
  3. Well im somewhat of afraid to put that just yet , im waiting for something on HTCMania forums that already includes it into a ROM .
  4. I still don't know what the new source code for BASE Lutea that KonsTAT posted here provides .
  5. Well what binaries for example ? OMX Video decoders incompatibilities , Broken Bluetooth Functionality ?
  6. ADW Launcher is great on powerful phones , now a days it's bloated and it's sluggish on underpowered hardware such as the skate . Don't get me wrong if i got a better phone that the Skate that i had , i've already tried many launchers on my BQ Aquaris 5 (which is a MT6589) and it runs almost every launcher available on the play store without "any" lags or "hiccups" Well that is my opinion about it . Cheers.
  7. themarkoface vs H3ROS . Oh you remember those days with warez and stuff....
  8. Too bad i can't test it anymore :( I just sold my Monte Carlo for 65 Euros and i got a new BQ Aquaris 5 which my opinion not only looks great but it also has good specs for it's price . Well it costed me 210 Euros on FNAC . So maybe i guess it's better to say goodbye to this community , altought i will continue to keep in touch with your projects and roms that (if) they are comming from devs like H3ROS or others . Thanks for all your support guys :) GG.
  9. At least a newer kernel source is made available .. Bloody ZTE rahhhh .
  10. Thanks for the help Shonk im gonna flash it when i need ;)
  11. That's an really odd bug with the sensors , maybe try new libs from ZTE for calibrating the proximity and light sensor ?
  12. BQ Aquaris 5 is your best choice.
  13. Well the story is that i can't upgrade the SW Version of the GENERIC_P743V1.0.0B15/01 build . When i connect the phone using FTM Mode in the ZTE Update tool it tells me that i have the latest software version with build of the Orange UK... This is really weired , i flashed this GENERIC firmware yesterday with all the core partitions and correct layouts and it still detects that i have the previous firmware from Orange. Hope that someone has the full TPT image size , so i can easily flash it and upgrade the version whenever i want :) Cheers. NOTE : Link to this Generic Firmware release to test yourself >> http://www.mediafire.com/download/oh7wq53c5m71shc/P743V1.0.0B01.zip
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