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  1. I would like to see from where you are quoting that from! You just wrote that as a quote without any evidence. I would like the original poster that mentioned that. As clicking on that quote doesn't bring back to who originally posted that. Even flibblesan mentioned that ROMS higher than B885 are the ones that fix the volume issue. http://www.modaco.com/topic/353974-low-volume-issue-officially-fixed-via-ota-update/ Here's a thread I also found. Low volume issue officially fixed via over the air update. That update is B885 and not B884. Here's to quote from Huawei Device UK facebook page. https://www.facebook.com/huaweideviceuk?ref=ts We don't want those with the low volume issue to update with B884 and then update to the custom B888 ROM and then complain on the forums that it still hasn't fixed their low volume issue!
  2. B884 doesn't fix it. Because I remember having B884 stock ROM when I bought it from vodafone and I experienced the low volume issue. When I went to About phone and went to Online Upgrade. Then Firmware upgrade. It said Asura_Vodafone update B885. Then in the description it said. "This update fixes the low volume issue." Immediately upon updating that the volume was loud after the restart.
  3. I am glad to hear that this has improved the noise of your phone.:D Yeah, I think the rest of the noise is negligible. Before it was more annoying, it felt as if the glass screen was moving somewhat. My T5 screwdriver that I showed an image of it yesterday isn't that good as it's got a plastic handle that just slips from my fingers. I needed to actually wrap it with tissue so that I could strongly grip on it and tightly turn the screw. Make sure also that you (hold the glass) pushed towards the cover while tightening the screws at the same time.That way it will be more tightly fixed towards the cover case. Otherwise you might notice the glass screen being loose wobbling slightly when applying more pressure on the screen.
  4. @Frankish: You're forgetting that the B884 does not fix the volume issue. ;) So if anyone flashes B884 they will not see the volume issue fixed. It's the B885 ROM that fixes the volume issue. So B885 or B886 needs to be applied first before applying Paul's custom B888 ROM.
  5. Just checked and found out it's 301-T5. In fact I found the picture of the exact same screw driver. This is exactly the one I used with the red holder. Just found a picture on the net of the back cover. Those black screws as you can see near the battery and there's one other black screw like that in the top left which didn't came out in this picture. Tightly turn the screws to your right. Now you'll see that it feels a lot more tight as a whole. The squeaky noise should go away. :P
  6. I don't know which is the proper size. I just had a set of small screwdrivers and I tested with the smallest ones and found one of them which fits best in those black screws! I was just so annoyed of the sound eventually. That I decided to turn them screws very tightly. And I felt that they were moving more tightly, even though it felt as if they were tight already, but weren't tight enough to get rid of those squeaky noises from the plastic cover. Now as I am playing PES 2012, etc I don't feel this noise anymore!!!:D Anyway, I guess that's indeed the reason why some people like myself experienced noises, while others more fortunate had their G300 screws tight enough already. It seems like some G300 phones from manufacturer weren't having screws tight enough.
  7. Well I've got some good news to tell you with regards to the crackling/squeak noise! :D Like the OP I was left annoyed with the plastic noise from all over the chassis, particularly from the edges. I realised the more I was playing games I was noticing it more while touching the glass screen. It felt like as if it was not properly stuck. Especially in Modern Combat 3 where the small run button was at the very bottom middle of the screen. When I was pressing hold of it to sprint it was making this noise as if the glass screen wasn't strongly stuck. So the solution was quite simple. I didn't use any other cover cases, etc. I opened the back plastic cover and in there if you notice at the edges there are 3 tiny black screws. I had a bag with full of screwdrivers. So I went and found a set of small screwdrivers. You need to find an exact one that really does fit inside so it grips to it. Then get a cloth to wrap around the holder of your screwdriver and tightly turn the screws hard! It will tighten it so hardly, that now surprise, surprise. All the noise vanished!:D Try that and see for yourself. It improved the situation quite a lot, okay maybe there is a slight noise still. But 80% of it has now gone! Now my Ascend G300 feels a lot more robust!:)
  8. Eh, you don't really want that, all it would do is drain the battery life. Battery life is one big problem especially with android phones. Even the G300 despite having a reputation for a strong battery life. Even that drains under heavy use. The lights would further drain it.
  9. Yeah I just checked on mine, even if you decrease the back light the lighting on the individual capacitive buttons remain the same. But it doesn't really matter if you think about it. The light only stays on for a couple of seconds anyway. I also can't think of other phones giving you that option to control the lights individually. My gaming keyboard is designed in the same way. The lights are the same in all my keys although I have 3 options for dimmer, stronger and no lights at all. But I don't think we need it for the G300.
  10. I've got those settings even on B885. I turned off increasing ringtone since it starts off with low volume. Turning that option off should mean that by default your ringtone should be constantly loud. If not, then it means that the ROM didn't fix it. In my case like I said it's very loud. Once that's done you should use the side buttons to the top left and increase ring tone volume to the max! Then see if it fixes your volume.
  11. Maybe you should've updated to B885 first and see if that fixed it? The B885 ROM specifically aims to fix the volume issue. I heard some people fixed their volume issue with B886 and then when they upgraded to the custom B888 ROM they had problems with the volume issue being low again. Today when my mum called me on the phone, the ringtone buzzed so loud that in fact it stressed me out! Even during the talk I had to decrease the volume as it was so loud as if I turned on the loud speaker. I also play games on the phone like Asphalt 6 HD, where the sound of the car is very high! It's probably a glitch or something where if you directly update the ROM to B888 from stock B884 or older version, the volume fix is not included in it. :wacko:
  12. Go to settings about phone and at the top upgrade your phone. The vodafone firmware upgrade will give you a 14 Mb Asura Vodafone B885 update. I have B885 downloaded via WiFi from the online upgrades option. You'll then be able to return it back to vodafone if again you experience problems as the B885 update is an official vodafone update. I also have fast booting on and I don't experience this problem. You didn't also try to overclock your processor using SetCPU android app by any chance? Overclocking is also dangerous as it will cause your processor to overheat even more, especially during gaming. Subsequently causing your other components to heat up too.
  13. Well I'm not sure about that. But PC's are different in a way, because the graphics card of a computer can cope with higher temperatures and it's also got an integrated fan. That's why the highend graphics cards on a computer from GTX 560 Ti and above have 2 large fans. Even for a computer case there's better cooling system and arctic coolers, holes and big space for airflow. The motherboard also warns you and shuts down your PC if the temperatures exceed beyond the normally accepted temperature. The Ascend G300 phone doesn't even have proper cooling system, there are no holes at the back or the side cover! So it's obvious that you'd assume it would be vulnerable to heat. I am suspecting that that's what happened to Gnaver's G300 phone. The game will install and work, the phone won't stop you from installing a different apk file version on it. I know I demonstrated a few days ago videos running Modern Combat 3 and Asphalt 6 on the G300. But in my case I used HTC Desire/Bravo version as a tester since they have the exact same 800x480 resolution of the G300. It's safer to only use a phone similar to the G300s specification. But it is not safe to install a version like tegra devices. Or a version for a phone that had lets say 1280x720 screen resolution. That's unsafe as it's bound to cause heat. If a game version was designed for that resolution and you run it for a phone that has 800x480 resolution like the G300 all it would do is cause heat. The graphical textures, etc were not designed for 800x480 resolution. A PC has a better defensive mechanism than a mobile phone device with such small hardware chipsets, which are easily more vulnerable to heat.
  14. I think it's for people who want to experience gingerbread first before upgrading to ICS, etc. Also some android phones are not powerful enough for ICS. So they need to only have Gingerbread. It's like trying to install Windows Vista/7 on a 10 year old PC. It's going to suffer from performance.
  15. Hold down the power button and click on restart. Make sure the update version says B885. Then after that use the left side buttons to increase the ringtone volume to the max! Now see if you're hearing the volume loudly! :D
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