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  1. Aaah yes, you're right. Sorry 'bout that.
  2. If so desperate, why didn't you look in the very first thread of this section? http://download.ztedevice.com/device/global/support/product/569/5870/sd/2016051817064648.zip
  3. The GPS problem returned today. :( We went to a geocaching trip and were forced to return home as the GPS was completely unable to fix. Reboot didn't help. Even full wipe didn't help. Only returning to stock allowed me to fix. It's too big of an issue for me so I must return to stock. :-/
  4. Not exactly sure if it's a ROM problem but gmail and contacts sync very poorly (only if sync is forced and even then, it passes after several tries). Anyone with the same problem?
  5. Everyone has his or her own requirements. No need to explain them they're wrong and you're not. ;)
  6. So, after three days of use everything works flawlessly. Not a single data connection drop, GPS fixed immediately and held through the entire day, no visible deviations from stock in battery life. Great job indeed.
  7. Data work (no drop so far). The GPS fixes immediately. But this has been the same for the first few days of RC1. Everything looks good now, but it is too soon to be happy, I guess. I will thest the GPS tomorrow (geocaching day). Too soon to judge the battery life as well. Good work nevertheless. :)
  8. Tested this ROM for a week. Everything worked smoothly apart from occasional loss of data connection (LTE) but now I am unable to fix a GPS position. Satellites are visible and used, but no fix. Any ideas?
  9. Err. How do you know you wifi is on when your phone is turned off? I'm just wondering. From your picture, the wifi was certainly off during charging
  10. Use Wakelock Detector if you are rooted and find the app preventing the deep sleep (with many wakelocks). For me, it was the CaroO that was waking my phone up 90 % of the time.
  11. Latest czech OTA (CZ02c > CZ_MR01d) - http://uloz.to/xMJggkK1/update-zip
  12. Where do you guys take these updates? No update whatsoever for the Czech Su6.
  13. Yes and no. I also meant that, using the very same charger and cable, different phones can charge at different amperage levels depending on their electronics (resistance) and that it is absolutely fine. The only problem could be the overheating of a very bad (or partially broken) charger operating at it's maximum for a long time. English is not my native language so I might misinterpret my thoughts. Sorry about that.
  14. It will not. The current drained is not decided by the charger but the phone itself. If the charger maximum ouput current is low, the phone will charge slower (even the slowest phone chargers can supply a 0,5 A output nowadays and only a bad cable can reduce that significantly), if it is high, the phone will simply take what it requires . It is perfectly safe to use a different charger designed for any phone.
  15. Might be a bit boring but I am no fan of fancy stuff
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