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  1. Battery with 2150mAh is sold out. There is new, still on LocalVogue, one with 2000mAh. http://www.localvogue.com/compatible-cellphone-business-battery-2000mah-for-zte-p736-p10005215 I bought previous battery and was it better than with default battery. On default battery I can play Ingress max 1:10~1:20. When extended battery was new, so I can play 2:15~2:45. But battery was soon as default and shutdown phone at 20% (if I play Ingress). Ingress very drain battery, after 2 months I must buy new battery, maybe 3. :-)
  2. Klonování VMware CentOS virtuálek a problém s nefunkčním rozhraním http://t.co/6AATy1Y01R

  3. Tak už tu bloguji celé 2 roky. Co mi to přineslo a přináší? http://t.co/t0cS5x79jz

  4. Pekna prekazka na ceste k autobusu. :-) (@ Polabiny, Hradecká (bus)) [pic]: http://t.co/iyqz3LC38l

  5. Na prednasce C++1 s @h0nza. (@ Fakulta elektrotechniky a informatiky Univerzita Pardubice w/ @jirkapenzes) [pic]: http://t.co/lXwGCPLL

  6. I have good experience with Zeam launcher. Zeam is very lightweight for TMV and speed.
  7. Hi, I have question about compatibility this battery with Vivacity. Look very similar or same as original Vivacity battery, but has higher capacity. http://dx.com/p/repl...te-v889d-139131 or http://dx.com/p/replacement-3-7v-1600mah-battery-for-zte-n73-n6-n880-f952-u880-v880-103530 Thanks :-)
  8. Možná je brzo, ale hledám praxi na léto 2013 a po inspiraci jsem vytvořil síťovou (doslova) mind mapu -- http://t.co/D7BwFAeC -- #SummerJob

  9. Moje začátky boje s prokrastinací - http://t.co/KSfBmwlW -posledním nakopnutím byl @jirkapenzes a jeho Time Management na přednášce #GGUPCE.

  10. Sorry, I'm from Czech Republic and my English is on level A2. :-)
  11. Hi, I'd like ask for this. Exist batteries with more capacity than 1100 mAh (or default battery in Vivacity) on any international shops? Thanks for yout tips.
  12. Thanks fot your tip. I bought one black. I'm was surprising because the shop delivery to Czech Republic. :-)

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