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  1. Hmm, I cant get Camera FV-5 working, neither does Shot Control work. And I got a FC with the stock camera while shooting a photo as well. Flashed the boot.img in fastboot, cleared cache, booted into Recovery, did a COMPLETE wipe (cache, dalvik, system, data) twice, to be sure, and then flashed the ROM and then newest Google Apps...
  2. Yep, Device gets pretty warm here, too. Cant really say if its weather related (environmental temperature) or kernel related. Clock frequencies do look great, tho. Seems like every clock speed is available now. I noticed that the Device gets up to 1500 Mhz (1,5 Ghz) more often than with other kernels. Maybe thats the cause? Tegra 3 only goes up to 1,5 while in Single-Core mode, not in Dual-Triple-Quad Core Mode ... I capped the max clock speed @ 1,4 Ghz now, lets see how that goes...
  3. Thanks bro, will flash and test right away :) My phone gets warmer than usual, too, but here its related to the warm weather we now start to get... 27-30 degrees (celsius) ^^
  4. Did you repack the kernel? Mind sharing it then? Awesome news Trip :D
  5. How do you get a score over 5000? With EternityKernel I get around 4.400 ....
  6. Swipe2Wake is pretty nice, tho it stops working after the device gets into "real" deep sleep (sleeping for more than 10-20 minutes). Plus, it causes the device to not wake up anymore from time to time. Happend on CM9 here, and as well as with Bricked Kernel on some Sense UI ROMs .... Its a great feature, tho it still needs some work and tweaking until its fully usable IMO.
  7. Currently I am giving EternityProject Kernel a test run. Flashed without issues and booted as well. Dunno if something got messed up, but will report any issues. First thing I noticed is that Core Clock goes below 340 Mhz (204 Mhz). Deep sleep works as well. Haven't had much time to test more tho, but like I said, will keep you updated if I run into any issues.
  8. In regards to the deep sleep lock: I had that 2-3 times now already since I flashed. I even upped the min-clock some steps to no avail. Either the device wont wake up or it takes a couple of tries. I think it has something to do with swipe2wake or what is it called... I had the same issue with the bricked kernel and a Sense ROM (InsertCoin). As soon as I flashed a kernel without that feature, the device woke up without issues all day long. So yeah, since Trip announced to remove the sweep2wake feature, I am very positive that the issue with waking up the device will vanish completely :)
  9. Facebook sync is not officially supported anymore by Google because Google doesnt agree with Facebooks privacy policies. Therefore, in AOSP builds, you need either HaxSync (payed third-party app) or you need to wait for a working stock-hack. In Sense ROMs it only works because Sense uses its own contacts API (+dialer). HTC re-enabled the Facebook Sync.
  10. My quick feedback about build 012: - InCall Earpiece Volume is back to normal - InCall Volume still cant be adjusted, but echo issue is completely gone! - Navigon works like it should. No SD-Card errors, like in the last few builds - AGPS doesnt work at all. Takes a couple of minutes to lock on at first, but is quick for a second lock on soon after -- With the App "Faster Fix" it will even show you that AGPS is not defined - Screen still blacks out before rotation, known issue and I am very positive that Trip will figure that one out soon :) -- Maybe a redraw issue? Sometimes it happens without rotation, too, like when changing font size - Performance seems even better than previous builds - No Data/WiFi issues for me so far - CPU doesnt get below 340, tho Deep Sleep works like a charm and battery drains very slowly while screen is off - No Market issues, permission files are all correct. All apps install without issues - Even to stock camera might glitch out, I have no issues anymore with third party camera apps like Camera FV-5 or Shot Control. In previous builds, the apps would just crash after taking some photos. Not happened since I flashed build 012. So far, this is a wonderful release. Very stable and VERY fast. This is how the HOX should've really been in the first place. Impressive how Sense UI slows down the device. Really looking forward to the new kernel!
  11. I would like to test. The echo issue is the only one keeping from using CM9 so far ^^
  12. Hey there. Just wanted to say that I did a full wipe / factory reset before I installed this baby. I never use Titanium Backup, so the only thing that happened was the automatic app restore by the market. Did the whole process twice now and tested it with 2 different people. First, I let my girlfriend call me. Echo present. Then I called back. Echo present. The exactly same happens when calling my brother on the landline....
  13. First impressions so far: - Mix of CM9 and AOKP with some exclusive Trip-Flavor - Faster than CM9 with more features - Echo in phone calls still persistent -- Echo while answering a call is not as heavy when I place a call myself - Screen still blacks out for a millisecond before screen rotation - 2D graphics performance is still glitchy / jerky compared to Sense ROMs - SD Card issue with apps like Navigon still gone, so that still runs like it should - Market issue is non-existant. Every app just installs without an issue In general, still a really nice release. More responsive than CM9 with all the good AOKP options and features. Tho the echo issue will still force me to convert back to a Sense ROM for now since I use the phone for business calls as well.
  14. Going to flash this and test the eff out of it :D Thanks Trip!!!
  15. Even tho I regulary visit XDA and like the community there, the moderators start to get more and more weird over there. They just ban too many people without real evidence or reason. I guess their popularity starts to go to their heads. I can understand that you dont want to open up your reps because ppl play s*** on you. Even your friend got kicked out without any proof or any reason, just because he used your hard work with your permission. Keep it rolling Trip, I'll be checkin in here every day to see if more good stuff comes from your side :D
  16. Well, its not about if it makes sense at all, if you ask me. IMO, it was already pretty "senseless" by HTC to design Softkeys with a Multitasking-Button instead of a menu button. If it were pure Software-OnScreen Keys like with the Galaxy Nexus, i would've been cool, since if it was done that way, the screen resolution and space could've been setup properly with the bar on the bottom + menu key where needed (like Galaxy Nexus - how Google intended it). The way HTC does that is pretty irritating. It not only appears randomly, it sure costs real screen estate streching down the image and even cutting off precious full screen resolution. It even happens in most games out there, plus still quite a few popular apps. It's a matter of taste, really, but if you think logically, it makes no real sense at all... I really love the current softkey configuration since its the most common and logical one to me. Tho it would be nice to get a toggler ready for the people how doesnt like the current configuration. It's doable, since quite a few sense based custom roms already feature a toggle function for that already ^^ Anyways, going to flash the new build. Tho I dunno if I can stay on this one for much longer. Got a phone call from my girl yesterday and she was TOTALLY confused that she was able to hear herself the whole conversation along. Tho it was good for some laughter ;)
  17. Tanks ALOT bro! Completely fixed all my market issues. Now even YouTube is downloadable from the market. Damn, thats pretty awesome!!
  18. Okay, tried quite a few build.prop changes, reboots, cleared caches system wise and market wise. No use at all, cant get some apps to show or be compatible, like camera fv-5, barcoo or youtube... that is really weird...
  19. Sorry, I am dumb. Or just too tired already. I dont really know what to do. Sign-keys? Cant find a variable where it says "sign-keys" ... darn, sorry for being noob ^^""
  20. Did you flash the boot.img from the ZIP or from the OP (seperate download)? Flashed the seperate download boot.img....
  21. Im coming from InsertCoin. Did this: 1. rebooted straight to bootloader, flashed boot.img, erased cache partition 2. rebooted into clockwork and performed a FULL wipe (except for SD Card of course) 3. Flashed CM9 and then GApps No problems here ^^
  22. okay... I need some input here. Which entries do I actually have to rename? Help would be much appreciated!
  23. Me neither, on a first glance the build.prop looks absolutely correct. Can you check on your end if you can find "Camera FV-5" on the market? Cant find it, its only listed in my app list as "purchased", but after I click it, it shows me that the app is not compatible...
  24. Okay, first impressions before I go to bed: - Navigon DACH / Select works now and doesnt throw out a SD Card error (yay!!!) - Its FAST, unbelievable FAST - 3G/WiFi issue not present, everything works as it should! - Camera works so far, no issues Tho one major issue so far: Build.prop seems to be glitchy. Some market apps wont install, like barcoo barcode scanner or camera fv-5. Market tells me that the app is not compatible with my phone. Any quick fix ideas?? Really need my camera app of choice!
  25. Thank you VERY much Trip! Much appreciated!!! Flashed this baby and will report back in a few hours! Finally! Tomorrow there will be coming a donation your way :) Right now its sadly not possible for me.
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