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  1. Does anyone try google maps? It's flicking and the compass is pointing to the opposite direction.
  2. Just a quick question. In this ROM, how can I empty email trash can all at once? There is no button for this.
  3. This has been discussed in other ROM distribution since 4.0. The answer is no. Without proper driver, there is no way to support it. On the other hand, the FM radio is possible. I found my Skate is quite ok with 4.4.2. The only problem is that digital compass is always pointing to the opposite direction on Google maps. I was planning to replace it with LG G2, but I change my mind. I'd rather stick with it for some time. Thanks for the great ROM.
  4. It's tricky. I played around with every buttons, and it just skipped the question and installed the zip. (I don't know why) However, I also try to do a clean install (factory reset, format sd-ext..etc) with INT2EXTplus-C3C0-20130319.zip and it works, too. The downside is I have to reinstall all apps again.
  5. I got confused. I followed the link from the 1st post, and this zip is working ok on previous version. If I downloaded the wrong zip, it will not work at the beginning. Are you doing a fresh install or just update? I can not update to 0216 ROM if Cronmoded int2ext+ is flashed also. PS. I just tried int2extv2+, and it works fine! The update is successful.
  6. Try the latest 0216 ROM. I followed the instructions, but it will not boot to the desktop. (the boot animation is running forever!) I am afraid It's not compatible with int2ext+. I try to flash the ROM without int2ext+, it will work.
  7. The Wifi somestimes go missing. I have to disable and then enable it. Otherwise, this ROM is better than PA_SKATE ones.
  8. Is there anyone know the place to assign long press Back button to kill an app? There are few options in Button menu, but none of them is for Back button. BTW, this is a great ROM. Thanks for the effort.
  9. Thanks for the great ROM. I found a bug in drawer. If you touch the date in the drawer, there will be an error message indicating System UI has stopped, then the launcher will restart again.
  10. Not working. In fact, S2E does work, but it is the UI which gives an error message.
  11. The default gallery app seems to crash easily. When I click one photo, I can view it without problem. But, simply browsing photos by dragging will get blank images (except the first one), and later crashed. I've tried the latest 10/11 and the 8/15 gppas without success. Is there anyone having this problem?
  12. I found this CM10 is significantly weaker on wi-fi reception. I am just 1M~2M away from my wireless AP, I only got 3 out of 4 signal strength. On CM9, I got 4 out of 4!
  13. Does anyone use digital compass from Google map? Mine is pointing to the opposite direction.
  14. Thanks utternoob. The google weather/news widget is called GenieWidget. For those who need it, you can download it from Here. Be sure to run 12dexchmod after installation by Link2SD.
  15. I installed gapps-cfx-jb-20120815-stripped.zip and it turns out the google weather/news app is missing. Where can I download this app? I use it most of the time.
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