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  1. I'm pretty sure SurfaceFlinger doesn't call for HW acceleration when it comes to rotation animation. This minor bug with the blank screen before animation lies somewhere else.
  2. Well, there are some unresolved issues when it comes to CPU-scaling. I did some complex testing on scaling behaviour and it is kinda odd how the performance management enables or disables available cores. On a sense ROM, Riptide-GP tends to have some framerate-issues, because only 2-3 cores are active from time to time. And it only clocks around 1 GHz most of the time. Enforcing all cores @1.4 GHz smoothens everything out, but nVidia/HTC really need to work on their modules! Can't really tell how our kernel devs can affect scaling behaviour, because there surely are some propritiary blobs which nVidia won't open up..
  3. Why is everyone so eager to use the "Bricked Kernel" on CM9? Show-P maybe fixed alot of HTC crap there, but you can't make gold out of s***! The devs need some REAL sources, new and clean code to really unleash the beast! Don't want to be harsh, but the current custom kernels are like bears on tricycles.
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