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  1. It could be perfect ! Do you release a new version tomorrow or should I flash this version now ?
  2. Does that mean Navigon works now ? If yes I can install this version on my One X ! I'm not a very good english speaker so I would like to be sure before flashing this ROM.
  3. I'm using gapps with this link : http://www.theandroi...-one-x-is-here/ Gapps is available on number 5.
  4. I think I have the same problem. Sometime it will appear after 10 minutes after reboot, sometimes after 4 hours after reboot. I want to power up my screen, I push the power button and nothing... I have to push long time on power button to restart (reboot) my device.
  5. Of course, but Eq doesn't work with Spotify whereas Beats yes. So beats > Eq :D I love battery life with this ROM, but sometimes I can't use my phone. The power button does not work and I need to restart my device. Anyone else ? With Navigon problem I have to restore stock ROM... It's hard to say. I hope it will be fixed. Thank you Trip for your job ! I will try your next build.
  6. DSPManager does not work with Spotify... I'm disappointed :( Whereas beats audio works with all third part audio player.
  7. @TripNRaVeR do you know why Navigon says that I need a SD card ? I don't understand... Maybe it is mount too early in the system ? I can send a you an apk for you if you want to test it... Maybe you can find the solution.
  8. Hello all ! It is my first flash of an android phone and your ROM is perfect ! I love it. Congratulations. A tutorial to help beginner (noob ?) like me to flash your ROM : http://www.theandroi...-one-x-is-here/ All works like a charm except Navigon. Application says to me that the sd card is missing... It worked with the stock ROM. Do you know a solution to correct that ? I love your ROM, I would like to keep it but I need Navigon too... It's difficult to choose between Navigon and your ROM. I would like to have both :) Thanx in advance ! edit : I think just one app is missing on your ROM : a FM tuner. I think you can not add HTC FM tuner so can we have another ?
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