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  1. Muznyu

    B892 Vendor File

    I'm looking for this as well, but I can't find the vendor file, neither for B882 or B885. The official downloads from Huawei doesn't contain them. Any idea how to get the proper vendor files for these ROMs?
  2. I've experienced this issue too, and I think it's a software related problem. When I'm using the speaker during calls the other person can hear me well, but otherwise the mic volume is low, and people are complaining about the call quality.
  3. Yep, the inconsistent signal strength is the consequence of weak 3G/HSDPA network, forcing the phone to use only 2G eliminates the signal drop.
  4. This is a funny app, button light off working well, but it's unrealiable when I set always on option (yep, flashes the buttons even while screen is off).
  5. I do have this rapid signal strength jump too, sometimes it shows 1 or 0 bar on the notification tray. On the other hand I've never experienced complete signal loss, so maybe the signal bar gives inaccurate feedback.
  6. I just bought a T5 screwdriver, and I gently tightened the screws. It helped a lot, it's still not perfect, but the noises are negligible compared to the previous state. I'm quite happy now, I think with the rubber cover it'll be perfect. :)
  7. Don't you have any sign on the screwdriver? It should be like T3 or T4, I guess one of them is the right size. I hope someone can tell me the exact type, cause I have to look after a cheap one. :)
  8. Hmm, that's good news! I was thinking to check those screws, but I'm missing that size from my screwdrivers, of course... Which is the proper size? Anyway, this could explain why some of the users don't have problem with the build quality, while others hear crackling noises. :)
  9. Well, I've found an app for soft button light control, here it is: https://play.google....Wwua2JsaWdodCJd Now it's possible to keep the button light awake while screen is on. :) Edit: for some reason the soft buttons light up sometimes with no reason even if the screen is off. :( Need some testing... Edit2: After a reinstall it seems to be okay. Edit3: It works if you set the options after every reboot. Otherwise it's ok till there's a better solution.
  10. Well, my previous phone (Moto DEFY) had this feature, with CM7 it was even possible to set the brightness of the buttons. I think this doesn't have so much effect on battery life compared to the power consumption of the screen. I checked it, and after 3 seconds the soft buttons light turns off which I find really annoying. At least it should be possible to set a bigger value, for example 30 seconds.
  11. My only wish is that somebody find out how to force the buttons to keep on while screen is awake. :)
  12. Compared to my earlier phone (a Motorola DEFY) the music volume with earphone is a bit lower, even if I'm using the same app. I think too there must be some software limitation.
  13. I ordered mine from ebay yesterday (the MF cover), if you search for "g300 cover" you will find various types of them. The price range for that soft type is around 8-9 bucks. I used a sillicone cover for my Moto Defy before, and I find it a good way to protect the phone, but still keep the usability.
  14. You have to install the UPDATE.APP file from vendor folder the same way as you did with the ROM (copy it to sdcard/dload folder and flash it). When it finished it'll show OK on screen, and then you have to manually restart the phone.

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