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  1. Was there ever a fix for the random rebooting? Would have been great to get a stable version of Cyanogenmod.
  2. So nobody knows how to fix the Cyanogenmod default boot logo... /Cry. You'd think wiping everything would fix it. Guess I'm lucky that's all that's broken.
  3.     Nope I have never used any other themes, like i said the phone crashed and the boot logo went missing. I will try the format /cust thing, pretty sure it's more or less empty though. Edit: Formatting /cust did nothing, really strange the rest of the rom works fine just default android boot animation unless there is something on my external SD card doing something but I thought that only got mounted after boot.
  4. I have an odd problem, my phone crashed and ever since my animated boot logo has reset to to default Android boot logo and not the Cynogenmod one, I have wiped /data /cache & /system and reinstalled cm11 latest nightly but the logo is still the default Android one... what is going on? how do I fix it? I have never had this problem before and I've been flashing CM since the g300 came out.
  5. Or you can use Firefox for android which works flawlessly. Does anoyone else have the OpenGL benchmark reboot issue?
  6. AnTuTu Benchmark OpenGL test crashes the Y300 every singe time. It did not do this in the "cm-11-20131210-NIGHTLY-u8833" build. Something you might want to look at as it causes the phone to reboot which is pretty serious. Other than that it's great, I did not notice much of a GPU UI speed improvement either, perhaps it depends on the app not really installed much yet.
  7. It's not only Hynix that can brick the EMMC, my Samsung bricked to the point where it won't power on. Although that was nothing to do with kernel 3.4. If the flash dies the phone will not respond to anything.
  8. Installed on another G300 I have access to and it works like a charm. Did the exact same steps as the G300 I bricked and it was fine. My luck, am I the only one to have a Samsung flash brick? (obviously not a ROM specific thing), but phone in general? Oh well getting a Y300, I figured if the G300 lasted more than a year I got my moneys worth. Just sad, I thought having a Samsung flash would make me invincible, obviously not *cry.
  9. edwardecl

    Phone won't start up

    Another G300 bites the dust... My one brick during installing GAPPS to CM11, recovery rebooted, went back into clockwork recovery flashed again brick. Will not power on, no LED. Also the EMMC would not mount via USB before flashing so I don't think flashing killed it think it was dying anyway. This was a Samsung EMMC, I made sure to verify it before doing the new 3.4 kernel ROMS, CM11 was going to be the first ROM update from 3.08 kernel. Oh well ordered a Y300 now for £50 (payasyougo upgrade) which is stupidly cheap, shame I only had an old O2 card the other networks would have upgraded for £40. Hope the Y300 does not do this.
  10. Yes latest clockwork recovery-clockwork- I flashed that some time ago but never got round to installing newer ROMs was still using the ROM with the old kernel, never flashed the newer ones but I did update clockwork recovery. Obviously it's not the ROM itself that broke it, but the flashing process. I flashed the ROM fine (after wiping everything apart from emmc) then I flashed the GAPPS mini zip and it rebooted the phone, booted back into clockwork recovery via volume button, flashed GAPPS again thinking clockwork had crashed (has done so before) then screen went black after about 10 seconds and that was that dead phone. I did notice something before I flashed anything, I made a backup of the ROM which was fine but when I used mount USB to pull the backup off my phone the internal memory was unreadable to Windows said insert disk on the drive letter which was strange, didn't think much of it I put the backup on my SD card and got that off before I flashed the new stuff. And I have set all my apps to install to the external SD not as if I have been hammering it with writes. Perhaps my flash was semi broken before I did anything, makes me sad as it was not even the Hynix, so Samsung flash can die through normal use. :( Unless someone knows how to fix it, but I doubt it. Time for a new phone.
  11. G300 (Samsung) bricked after flashing GAPPS Mini. Phone crashed in clockwork recovery (black screen) computer said installing drivers. Phone will no longer power on after removing battery. Install at your own risk with this one.
  12. Anyone know how to get openpdroid working with the latest versions? Autopatcher seems to fail doing it which is sad as I really like pdroid features, or does anyone know what the last version that can be patched is?
  13. Can't you just put some glue or something on the end of a stick then pull it out? Then put more foil in :-D.
  14.     Thanks, that's all I needed to know. Managed to fix it (installed latest version of clockwork, cleared cache, copied all the files from internal to external SD now the storage thing seems to have been sorted, installed latest nightly, reinstalled GAPPS same version) and all is well. So a combination of one or all of these things fixed it without needing a complete reinstall. Just didn't want to try to fix something that could possibly not be fixed if it was a common problem. Happy now :).
  15. Has anyone found a solution to getting the default text to speech engine (Google) working? Apart from the random reboots (with official bootloader unlock), this is the only annoyance, everything else works great :). I tried a recent build (Sep 28th) and the problem still persists and I don't see many other people mentioning it :/.

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