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  1. i bet art will eventually work on blade, just later ;P just like video playback or something like that due to lack of quallcom libs on 4.x. We have it now. Will try this rom later, good job anyway, i am surprised that i can have 4.4 on my nexus 4 and 4.4 on blade, its like a small, cheap nexus device :P longer support than galaxy nexus ftw
  2. ios7 + wp can be a bad mix, but adding to this stock android 4.x + some of symbian touch, and a little bit of functions from maemo and meego we can get beautiful rom no. just use launcher (launcher7 is nice as for wp) base on stable rom like 4.3 from Konstat and use launcher you like (that is @op)
  3. developers settings You mean? tap build version few times, that was repeated here so many times. then box with you are developer now will pop out, and voila, dev settings are back
  4. yup, and i think these performance upgrades etc are just opengl es 3.0, and gpu rendering ui, which can be turned on in cm since 4.0 or 4.1
  5. bah 4.3 is updating mostlz new phones. bluetooth smart, open gl 3.0? that is going to upgrade my n4, but i dont think it will help blade, even galaxy nexus dont support open gl 3.0. new camera, maybe apk will work, dunno. dont get your hopes up, blade is old device, its just weak now, arm v6 is not helping, making new updates is hard i think
  6. blade is just simply too old for it, so we wont get firefox neither ubuntu, its because arm v6 blade got inside. second thing is that firefox is not worth it, its not good os yet
  7. i think it supports it, it was made by Ganster quite some time ago...
  8. i think that beginning of all modding on blade would be downloading ask mr pigfish from play store, and checking if Your blade is gen 2, if its not, then You would need tpt helper from store too, its very user friendly, but if You have gen 2 (no idea if swedish snow needed gen 2) then You can install 4.2 very easy :)
  9. i think every rom is easy to install, just download rom + gapps, and make wipes like in instruction, then install rom + gapps and reboot, i think this havent changed since first blade roms, till now :D and yes, now KonstaT 4.2.2 and Daemons continuation of 4.1.2 are currently best roms
  10. developers can do that, but they dont have to. All they made isnt easy,and it requires a lot of time. They have own lives, and they can spend all time just making new roms for more than 2 years olf phone. Tutorials can be found on xda, there is quite a lot of them, so seriously, stop asking everywhere for help, and try to search it on google/try to do it yourself. and this is fu*king rom and rom customization forum, not asking for help and spamming, so please moderators, move or delete all that post, because they are useless and pointless. And to all users, dont whine dev that they cant do something in rom you want, like keyboard in 4.2. some things just wont work because blade is old and slow device (that keyboard is useless though, saying as nexus 4 user) and it will never be able to work on new android perfectly. If not Konstat, Daemond, Ganster, Tital, C3C0 and many other developers (sorry if i forgot someone) we can run new androids, so we should be happy with it.
  11. Well i have problem with mobile data I can use it normally, but after i turn it on 2-3 times it is blocking itself, and i must reboot phone. I use it, check mail etc, turn it off, after an hour i do the same, next hour also work, but then it just dont want to turn in. Widget in statusbar isnt turning on (it is going dark like off after few seconds) and in setting in data transmission it is as on. but it down work. it also happened on previous releases.
  12. arent these the ones we have for quite some time?
  13. Daemond is making 4.1.x, and Konstat is 4.2.x, so dafuq Daemond 4.2.1? ^^
  14. +1 Konstat :D Darktitor is making a port, cant You just wait few days until He will make it working? You can use launchers to get s3/htc feeling on blade, just look in google and/or play store -.-
  15. hey, after brining my blade back to life i have a question to ask. can cm 10 for blade have volume up/down buttons on statusbar/navbar? i have a tablet (generic a13) and it got it, any way to have it here? :D
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