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  1. It's the stock android browser as far as I can tell. I noticed the same crash during initial setup, and once after on vanilla. It hasn't happened since though. --Matt
  2. Loving this from so far. I'm running with a repacked Franco R4 kernel on the vanilla rom, and it's working beautifully. I added in the advanced power menu and moved the menu button to a long press on home, and left it alone otherwise. Its rock solid and buttery smooth. Battery is sitting at 97% after being unplugged 8 hours with 3 min of screen on time. Nice work. --Matt
  3. Wrong forum. You want to be here. http://www.modaco.com/forum/582-htc-one-x-with-qualcomm-s4-onexs4modacocom/
  4. That may have done it for me. I think I'll be flashing this tonight. My Singapore device is still on 1.28, and I love me some CM9 (especially with proper power managament). --Matt
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