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  1. Christiansdad

    [ICS] [4.0.4] CyanogenMod 9.1 [ROM]

    I get the same problem with text becoming unreadable. Thought it was only me.
  2. Christiansdad

    [ICS] [4.0.4] CyanogenMod 9.1 [ROM]

    Anyone else having issues where the phone doesn't connect to the mobile network after having no signal.
  3. Christiansdad

    [ICS] [4.0.4] CyanogenMod 9.1 [ROM]

    I believe you can edit the build.prop by adding ro.ril.fast.dormancy.rule=0 not sure if this is all that is needed. I can't find the link to xda though where i found this. There is also reference to it in the Infusion thread.
  4. I did find some info relating to CM9, unfortunatly with work and a little boy to look after i haven't had time to run any tests properly yet.
  5. Just testing CM9, was waiting for B06 so decided to give it a go, CM9 battery drain is terrible on 3g, just woundered if this would fix the problem.
  6. Unfortunatly my build.prop doesnt seem to contain these lines (currently running CM9). Can i just add them? and if so any idea where they would go?
  7. Now that you point it out i remember seeing that. thnaks think its what i was looking for.
  8. Can i just ask tillaz (or anyone who may know) how do we disable fast dormancy? i'm not running your latest build as im testing something on another rom and would love to disable this.
  9. Nova Prime runs fine on mine, only thing i cant do is use the infusion launcher settings as it brings up an error. Tillaz said a while back that a setting apk was missing from the zip he uploaded.
  10. Sorry to bother you Tillaz but is there any chanct of getting the settings apk for nova prime that was missing from the zip? Thanks for all your hard work.
  11. Thanks again foe the swift reply. i presume i could just copy the file from the original zip back into the correct location?
  12. Thanks for that, wasnt a problem on B06
  13. This seems to break the Infusion Launcher settings. or have i done something wrong?
  14. Christiansdad

    [ICS] Found U8815 B927 ROM

    All working now, looks like the middle package will be required first for alot of users.
  15. Christiansdad

    [ICS] Found U8815 B927 ROM

    Looking like the middle package has solved the problem, will confirm soon.

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