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  1. Is their any practical reason, other than the glory, why I'd want to move from 4.0.3 to 4.1 or 4.2 ? If so.... Can someone point me in the right direction please ? I'm as follows Model -GT l9100 OS -4.0.3 BaseBand -l9100XXLPS Kernel -3.0.15-l9100XWLP7-CL340913 [email protected] #3 Build No. -IML74K.XWLP7 I've installed CWM 3.15, SuperUser, Titanium Backup, Busybox, ROM manager, Lucky Patcher and disabled Kies Air (can't remember why...think i was told to). I've assorted other apps. that can all be replaced with the help of a fibre link :-\ or backed up to the SD card. I'm moderately competent at the unlocking, upgrade and liberating process (thank you Apple) but I dont want a bricked fone if there's no payoff. Thanking you in advance M&C
  2. Yes. Me too on Tesco ( O2). Got zero chance of ever using the monthly gig of data. Yes its very very annoying.
  3. O2 Post Pay Internet Connections Maybe I am too old & stupid to configure the G300 but I’ve wasted an awful lot of time with O2 (bless) getting nowhere. It worked on B888, it crashed repeatedly (potterUNlock1.4.9), I restored it and now its taken hours to get Internet connectivity back. I stole the settings out of my ZTE Blade as a last ditch attempt. They work. I could have saved myself hours. NAME O2 Pay Monthly APN wap.o2.co.uk PROXY PORT 8080 USERNAME O2wap PASSWORD password SERVER <Not Set> MMSC http://mmsc.mms.o2.co.uk:8002 MMS PROXY MMS PORT 8080 MCC 234 MNC 10 IP VERSION IPv4 AUTHENTICATION TYPE <none> APN TYPE default,supl,mms Hope this stops someone else yanking their hair out. O2 Guru Forums are a waste of time. M&C
  4. Oh Well. I've recovered it back via CWM to May 13th ...just after I flashed it to GR1 B888. It seems to work just fine. I'm sure there was an more elegant solution. Onwards & Upwards.
  5. mmmmm. well I've done that twice. It appears to install fine GR1-B888 from the SD card. No error messages. I go back to reboot and..... it connects briefly to ' Telefonica, O2 ' and then goes back into the reboot cycle described above and crashes on the NO SERVICE screen. Its NOT the Sim card I just tested it in a spare ZTE Blade. What do I do next please ? Wipe Data/Factory Reset ? Confused.
  6. OK. Will reflash and see what happens. Dratted droid.
  7. Hi all I installed B888 on May 11th & its worked fine till now. I'm not sure if I've a hardware fault or a software fault. I was initailly having problems with the FaceBook app ( God its slow) and I tried to install an update. Well I dont know what I've done - it would not fire up. When I put in the battery I get the red Huawei splash screen then a cycle of - Android splash screen phone rings and... No Service (Locked) Android splash screen phone rings and... No Service (Locked) etc. Untill it switches itself off, after some time. The SIM works fine in the old ZTE Blade. All suggestions taken seriously. Thanks M&C
  8. Thanks. I think I put most of these in my phone with O2 Tech. Support in a game of ' Trial and Error' . Eventually got there with the settings above. Cheers.
  9. solved. Found this on XDA. It works. Name 'O2 UK' (anything) APN 'mobile.o2.co.uk' Proxy 'not set' Port 'not set' Username 'O2Web' Password 'password' Server 'not set' MMSC 'not set' MMS Proxy 'not set' MMS Port 'not set' MMC '234' MNC '10' Authentication 'not set' APN Type 'default,supl' then, a second APN, to handle the mms Name 'O2 mms postpay' (anything) APN 'wap.o2.co.uk' Proxy 'not set' Port 'not set' Username 'O2wap' Password 'password' Server 'not set' MMSC 'http://mmsc.mms.o2.co.uk:8002' MMS Proxy '' MMS Port '8080' MMC '234' MNC '10' Authentication 'not set' APN Type 'mms'
  10. Have just spent an entertaining but fruitless hour on the phone to O2 technical support trying to obtain some sort of data connection.Voice works fine. 1. I am on a Simplicity (oxymoron) contract for voice & data with O, pay monthly. 2. I am provisioned at the O2 end. 3. I am on ROM 888 4. Wifi works fine. 5. I cannot get any direct 3G connection. Does anyone out there have a working collection of settings that I can apply for a working O2 APN ?...( I don't give rat's arse about MMS at this juncture). Thanks in advance, I'll mosey over to XDA and see if the answers there as well. M&C
  11. at the risk of a clip round the ear. The ROM she says ' U8815V100R001C185B888' The assorted splash screens have such unwanted branded entertainment as 'Texas Hold'em'; 'Updates' , 'Discover', 'UNO trial', 'My Web' etc. etc. Have I done something daft ? Is this always there ? I don't recall asking Titanium to re-install these apps. Answers on a postcard to ....
  12. Well its on and seems to work fine. from 882 to 888. My problem was getting Clockwork Mod installed. I had to follow this link http://dottech.org/tipsntricks/21534/how-to-install-adb-and-fastboot-on-your-windows-computer-for-use-with-your-android-phone/ to push clockwork mod across to G300 using the .bat file downloaded from here Doesn't seem to have got rid of the Vodafone apps. guff tho'.
  13. Yes...I think you are right. I thought I'd done it proper. Alas, it didn't go into CWM ...it went into Android Recovery mode... asking me for an Update from the SD card Grrrr. I''ll just do it again from scratch. Ta. Ever tried. Ever failed. No matter. Try Again. Fail again. Fail better.
  14. yes i did ...16gb card....loads of space. i rebooted and its back at the virgin vodafone screen. No idea what happened. Still rooted ...still unlocked.
  15. But ...I followed the instructions here....cwm used Topic Nos. 3 & 4. To the letter. Twas backed up with Titanium. Then wiped. Then the package verification failure. It was on the old Vodafone 882 - rooted + unlocked - its no great disaster - its all replacable - unless its bricked - in which case I'll yank the jailbroke 3G with the dodgy proximity sensor off Ebay pronto.

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